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“More than anything, I just believe in doing what you’re passionate about and giving yourself the freedom to do whatever makes you happy!” wise words from Tara Michie, also known as “Lady Slider” to her blog followers.  Michie grew up splitting her time between Hilo and Honolulu and graduated from the “Apparel Product Design and Merchandising” program at UH. Creating her home on North Shore, she recently became the designer/muse for the company Cameron Hawaii, a Hawaii- inspired clothing company based out of LA.Having a freelance style and open schedule allows Michie to combine three of her biggest passions; surfing, travel and fashion.  Al three are documented on her blog and you can’t look at her photos without feeling wanderlust, the need to go shopping and the urge to jump in the ocean all at once!

“I originally started it because I felt like there was a lack of connection between the surfing lifestyle, a “higher end” take on fashion [other than surf brands], and wanderlust/travel.  It is pretty much a documentation of the best aspects of my life.  Reflectively, it helped me realize what a blessed life I have.”

One of Michie’s most recent posts documents her European adventure that brought her to Belgium with a stop off in fashion capitol Paris.  Staying in an apartment near the Lourve, Michie got to experience summer solstice and soldes, the official French sale periods. “It was so cool to be a part of it all.  Fashion is such an interesting industry.  There’s so many different facades and I think I was able to see them all while I was in Paris!”









No matter where her travels take her, Michie finds herself back in Hawaii, surfing and floating in the sea for rejuvenation, grounding and snapping material for her blog.  Lady Slider is a continual source of inspiration, creativity, and the embodiment of the advice she gives to herself on a daily basis, “Never try to be somebody else’s perfect of compromise your dreams and ambitions! It’s easy to fall into the idea that pursuing your dream job can be too risky or foolish and getting a job with good pay/benefits is the way to go.  At the same time, remember that dream jobs don’t come easy.  It takes a lot of hard work and a coupled (if not a lot) of mistakes to achieve your goals.  But don’t get hard on yourself if (somehow) it doesn’t work out.  At least you tried and lived it out rather than never doing it at all.  Don’t live with limitations or boundaries.  Be true to thy self!”  Follow her at!

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