High Tides

As the ocean fluctuates in its mysterious vastness we observe and marvel at this body of life that brings serenity and peace while simultaneously invigorating the spirit to reach new heights.

Funny thing about the sea is that it’s tides subtly change numerous times throughout the day and only if we stop and observe will we ever notice its peculiar residue on rocky surfaces which marks the levels of change.

Living in places like Hawaii and Costa Rica where monumental mountains separate bays and secretly hidden natural treasures, it’s not uncommon to see people cross over while the tides are low. But as the tides begin to rise, an anxiety wave takes over, urging us to rush out before we get stuck on the wrong side.

But I wonder what would happen if we got stuck? What would happen if we discovered that there is a beautiful experience to be lived on the opposite side of the familiar?

I know when the tides rise in my circumstances I worry I’ll drown. I worry that perhaps no sailing vessel will ever find me. But I’ve learned that on the other side of fear lies success. A success defined only by my palpitating heart after overcoming something obstructive and stalwartly limiting. A success that only I understand the meaning to because no words will ever illustrate this type of bliss, which contradicts the world’s understanding of said concept.

So as we walk through what is still the beginning of the year, in spite of our sentiments, lets sail boldly, lets climb to the other side and stay there for a bit. We may be pleasantly surprised at the blessings that come from stepping out of the comfort zone and into the “purpose-filled” zone. You were meant for greatness, so put on your floaties and discover what you’re made of.

Words by: Hugette Montesinos // Photography by: Janel Kilnisan

 “A rising tide lifts all boats.”



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Crochet Top: A Love Story by Alyssa Ferguson // Pants: Mamie Ruth // Kimono: Tamga Designs

Bag: Adorn By Sarah Lewis // Sunnies: Sunscape Eyewear // Septum Ring: Filili by Luiny

Choker used as belt: Lost Lover Store

Bracelets on left hand: The Gypsies Trunk & Isabella Rae Jewelry // Cuff on right hand: Zamarut Jewel

Rings on left: Lost Lover Store & Rejoice the Hands // Rings on right: Lost Lover Store , Chloe & Isabel &

Freebird Collection // Necklace: Isabella Rae Jewelry

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