Are You Waffles or Spaghetti?

If you have a distinct spot for each thing in your house and could guide someone step by step to grab something over the phone, you’d likely consider yourself an organized compartmentalizer.

But aside from a freakish need for organization + order in my physical space, if I’m really honest… I’m an emotional blender. In my inner life, most things merge together like the most delicious sardine + banana smoothie with pickle juice milk. Can you taste it? Sooooo wrong. But why?

Well, aside from the disgusting imaginary aftertaste of the cocktail I just served you, neither extreme really serves me, or you for that matter.

See when we think about a harmonious life, we might be tempted to think pace. But pace is just the beat with which you do things. It doesn’t inherently point to a good fit. Perhaps life’s pace moves faster than your natural operating system does, or at times you may be the one dragging pace along like an old flimsy net full of wet coconuts.

We may also be tempted to define harmony as the sweet melody pouring out of a jubilant tune that transports us to our happy place.

But the truth is that more so than the beat or the melody, harmony is the body of collective pauses made by each instrument involved in your concerto. The enchantment isn’t in the sound itself, but in the love affair between sound and SPACE. That is music.

Now think of the different areas in your life as instruments. Does the symphony of your life breathe harmoniously?

If your answer isn’t clear, there might be some kinks in your tablature.

One of the kinks that produces a heavy sense of friction and anguish is a margin-less life. But lack of space or margin isn’t the actual ailment; it’s just a symptom. The root cause of an overstuffed life is the deception of scarcity.

Worries about money taunt you.

Worries about failure paralyze you.

Worries about making it tease you.

Worries about healing threaten you.

Essentially, worries about ANYTHING, own you, drive you and enslave you.

And while you might not think of an overbooked agenda, an obsession with social media growth or not having time to feed your body well… slave masters, I’d challenge you to take another look.

When the demands of busyness crowd our life, the first thing we phase out is what we need the most… still, intimate, refreshing, unrushed and delicious time with our Creator. He that designs + imparts meaning, creativity, direction and life to anything we may be pursuing, gets pushed to the back-burner in futile + humanistic “damage control” efforts.

That’s just spiritually and mentally speaking… now physically speaking, we secure the same damage thinking that the more drain we have, the less tank-fill we have “time” for, when objectively the more drain we endure, the more tank-fill we desperately need.

Over time, this corrosive system suffocates the God-ordained masterpieces our hearts yearn to compose.

The good news is that scarcity isn’t your native state. You’re designed with abundance, but you’ve been programmed with competition.

“Only so many people get into that program.” 

“There are only so many single men left.” 

“Only a lucky few make it in that field” 

“You’ve only got a couple good years left til your bio clock stops cooperating” 

Any of these sound familiar?

Well I’ll leave you with 3 thoughts to consider today.

1)When the fuel that drives your vehicle is scarcity, it’ll never slow down or park until the engine blows up.

Beware… scarcity never exposes herself as such. She operates under alias names and characteristics that are benignly disguised as healthy competition, achievement, perseverance + tenacity. Dig a little deeper. What is it that’s really driving you?

In what ways is the pressure of scarcity pushing you beyond your limit? In what specific areas of life? What relationships? What outcomes? What or who directs your why? What’s connected to the results you seek? What’s the goal behind what you pursue?

Meditate on this…

Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! (Luke 12:24)

2) Do it ALL for God’s delish pleasure. After all, that’s what any good lover does right?

Plan your week for God. Take care of your family for God. Execute work initiatives with excellence for God. Take care of your body for God. Plan your social media calendar for God. Engage with creativity for God. Play with abandon for God.

See the truth is no matter how much we deny, we’re always incentivized by people + receiving their love. Sometimes it’s:

Achieving a position to be respected

Looking good to be desired

Performing well to be esteemed

Bending over backward to be appreciated

Reaching a status to be admired

Compromising our values to be accepted

They’re all fruitless pursuits at the attainment of what we’ve already got… LOVE! So remember this the next time your muse is anyone other than Jesus…

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters. (Colossians 3:23)

When God is your abundant guide, generous provider and mysterious multiplier of every single resource, (think time, energy + money) scarcity becomes mute and irrelevant.

Now meditate + journal on this: What would playing (insert your different “life” instruments) for God look like?

I did this last week and here’s how I wrote it out. But girl, make it your own and make it a delicious process that you’ll not only remember in the days to come, but something you can come back to regularly.

Hugette Journal Pages

3) Keep life simple. 

Keep shopping lists simple. Keep your morning ritual simple. Keep your calendar simple. Keep your emotions + relationships simple. Keep your things at home simple. Keep your time with God simple. The more simplicity you practice, the more abundance you’ll recognize.

Enter… Freedom.


And here’s a little piñata party style fun I’ll share as you meditate on the deliciousness that is our diverse creative  inheritance. (Credits at the bottom)


Piñata treasure credits:

Choker:  Earthbound Trading Company /  Beaded Necklaces: King & Anna Jewelry / Jacket: La Obra de Arte Soy Yo / Jacket Strap: Las Niñas Textiles  / Dress:  Farm Rio / Wayuu Bag: Wuitusu / Hat: Anthropologie

Oye Pappi, Ven Acá!

Are You Waffles or Spaghetti?

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