Exploring the artful expression of culture can be one of the most rewarding exchanges in the human experience. In this space, you’ll find sisters who have imagined a better world and birthed meaningful movements via music, art, literature, photography, film and other forms of creative media.

Heart to Hart on Being Beautiful

The poet Nayyirah Waheed once wrote, “My mother was my first country, the first place I ever lived.” When mother is present, all becomes possible — a sentiment shared by…

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If You’re Looking for Treasure

Places can change you. Jakes hotel in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, is one of those places.

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Story and Myth: Jamaican Jewelry that Protects and Provides

When you look beyond the beads of Jamaican jewelry line Story and Myth, you feel protected, empowered and uplifted as you wear one of the carefully and intentionally handmade pieces….

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Humanity > Hurricanes: 3 Stories That Will Make You Smile Today

First hurricane Harvey, then Irma. While this hurricane season has been particularly devastating, there are brave humans who have made life easier for the rest of us.  When natural disasters…

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Whats Right With the World? Uplifting Stories and Hope for the Soul

Each time we tune into the news, we are bombarded with devastating stories that only make us question our humanity. Although it’s important, and quite necessary,  to be aware of…

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The Miami Makers You Need to Know for Summer

For those of us sweating off pounds in Miami heat, it’s a fight for survival out here. Not only have we given up on wearing makeup altogether, but we’re finding…

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