If You’re Looking for Treasure

Places can change you. Jakes hotel in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, is one of those places.

If your adventurous heart is looking to escape the hype and hysteria of traditional all-inclusive Jamaican resorts, we wanna walk you down south to the ultimate boutique hotel (ehem… treasure). 

Jakes is a colorfully artistic gem found in the heart of Treasure Beach. Named after their family parrot, Jakes was built by creative visionary and radical spirit, Sally Henzell. With a little imagination and a lot of intuitive guidance, she turned what used to be a sleepy fishing town on the Southern Coast, into an intimate resort that celebrates and honors Jamaican culture and eclectic architecture.

From big family vacations, to solo explorations and even romantic getaways, Jakes is able to accommodate any kind of experience you may be looking for. With eighteen charming bungalows to choose from, each of their beachside abodes and chic cottages have their own special quirks and character. If you are looking to make memories with your favorite girl gang or spend some quality time as a family, we suggest looking into booking one of their luxury villas.    


Jakes stays true to the Jamaican culture and community by serving locally sourced food in all of their restaurants. Every restaurant works closely with local fishermen, local farmers and local chefs to keep the menu updated according to the freshest ingredients in season. 80 percent of Jamaica’s domestic produce is grown right in the area giving Jake’s first pick of the freshest produce Jamaican soil has to offer. Their farm to table concept is inspired by the connection between food and life. You’re sure to taste the quality and love that goes into every meal at their open air dining experiences.


Relax for the day in a heavenly hammock, watch dolphins play from the shoreline, hunt for sea glass along the shoreline, soak up some self-love in a fresh drawn bath or  dance the night away on a rooftop. There is no shortage of fun, relaxation and wonder when you choose to visit Jakes. Their purpose is to provide an authentic community experience that resonates with guests in a memorable way. 

Social and environmental involvement is at the core of Jakes’ mission.  They tend to the local community with initiatives like BREDS, for example, which is a sports park that has grown into the town’s community center.

If you are interested in learning more about how the Henzelle’s planted their family roots in Jamaica or are looking to book a stay for your next getaway, click here… you’ll want to make that your next bucket list destination.

And if that wasn’t enough, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Jakes has been oddering it’s space for patients and those in need to heal in a space that nourishes their soul.

By Gennah Rodriguez


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