Love Language

While recently listening to a Deepak Chopra podcast on a morning drive, I attentively tuned in as he calmly declared, “Love believes everyone is doing their best.”

I repeatedly rehearsed and entertained this thought that although extremely elemental, is very seldom exercised. In this moment, everything shifted. My life flashed right before my eyes, like a giant roulette table reminding me of every circumstance in which someone has hurt, offended or rejected me. Now, with a different set of lenses every scenario yielded an opposing result.

I attempted to dig deep with the eyes of love, and if everyone was in fact doing their best, my preconceived notions were erroneous all along. We often live by what we feel rather than what we know and this is quite a treacherous path considering the fact that our emotions vary consistently on the tracks of a dangerous roller coaster; the kind that goes upside down and leaves you pale and nauseated.

The truth is, I do believe Chopra’s declaration. I believe that everyone wants to love and be loved. Undoubtedly this manifests differently amongst humanity. As I read through The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman in preparation for my wedding in a couple of weeks, I realize just how complex we are.

We all receive and give love differently, which is why it’s essential to keep our minds open and our hearts softened. If we all begin to believe and habitually practice this mantra, perhaps we can achieve healthy, compassionate, patient and loving communities that don’t threaten the individual, but collectively welcome the wounded.

Lets be people who aim to heal a broken world… one thought and love decision at a time.

Words by: Hugette Montesinos // Photography by: Janel Kilnisan

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Dress: Acacia Swim available at iShine365 // Jacket: Love Culture // Beenie: Gap // Pom-pom embellishments: artisan work from recent travels to Peru // Clutch: Marrachech Musthaves // Sunglasses: Sunscape Eyewear // Cuffs: Break A Stone & Gage Huntley // Rings left to right: Little Pieces of Hope, Tribe Jewelry, The Gypsies Trunk, Arrow knuckle ring: The Stray Arrow


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