Whats Right With the World? Uplifting Stories and Hope for the Soul

Each time we tune into the news, we are bombarded with devastating stories that only make us question our humanity. Although it’s important, and quite necessary,  to be aware of the adversity that plagues society, it may leave us thinking there is no good in this world… when in reality, there’s lots of good, just not much coverage of it. With these new stories and motivational videos, we hope to uplift and inspire you to ask yourself how you, too, can contribute to magnifying the beauty of our world. 


The woman aiming to write ‘a million lovely letters’:


Source: BBC News

71-year-old Irmela Mensah-Schramm has a life mission: removing neo-Nazi messages from public spaces across Germany:



Source: AJ+

Find out how making your bed in the morning can change the world:

Source: Goalcast 


This Church vowed to bring dignity to homeless folks by building a tiny house village next door:

Source: ABC Denver 7 



And, lastly, some visual inspiration that’s literally #lifegoals:


Source: Instagram

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