The Miami Makers You Need to Know for Summer

For those of us sweating off pounds in Miami heat, it’s a fight for survival out here. Not only have we given up on wearing makeup altogether, but we’re finding the urge to leave our sweet, sweet A/C increasingly more difficult. Something that does inspire us to leave the house, no matter the outside degree, is checking out our favorite makers and goods that are entirely 305. Check out some beautiful local items we think would get anyone out of the house and help you survive the season.

Sakura Soap Co.
She’s a badass handmade soap maker, whose greatest passion is bringing out Miami’s best scents and personifying the city through beautiful creations. Her Rose Water spray is a must-have, a collaboration with Miami Flower Market with a bug spray in the same scent.

The Seeker Shop
Spruce up your outside hangs with the vibrant patterns of this boho outfitter from Florida’s West Coast. They’ve got gorgeous blankets and carpets, and all the native-inspired goodies you can get your hands on. It’s the perfect summertime vibe for any picnic, beach day or BBQ.

Midtown Garden Center
Finding some tropical foliage that’ll survive the season isn’t easy, especially when we can barely keep our office succulents alive. But Midtown Garden Center’s endless selection of blooms and bushes will teach you otherwise. Use it as your top destination for the summer plants you need to give your home and office some color.

We usually hate anything we wear in the summer because, whether it be a breezy dress or a bathing suit, it feels uncomfortable anywhere. Enter Business + Jammies — Bammies –, a local brand that makes office-friendly comfortable clothing that lets your body feel at ease in any setting.

Box Coffee
We can’t forgo our coffee fix this summer so no matter where we are, we’ll take it iced, thanks. Wynwood’s newest coffee spot is surrounded by the wonderful murals that identify the arts district while serving up some of the best cold brew and iced coffee out of shipping containers.


Lulu’s Nitro Ice Cream
Lulu’s Nitrogen ice cream is the perfect sweet to get you through the summer heat. The ice cream is creamier than ever, with Miami-inspired flavors and local collaborations. Plus, it’s fun to watch the nitro machines blast.

Laf Liv Lov
Sandals in the summer are great and all, but sometimes we need a close-toed option. Then we end up with sweaty feet and we immediately regret that decision. That’s why Laf Liv Lov’s huaraches are our go-to footwear for city-walking, beach-trekking, and even just poolside lounging.

Holz Longboards
If you do want to get out of the house and want to get around active-style, Holz Longboards are pretty much the best around. Handmade, electrocuted wood, beautifully finished, we’d feel like we’re in Cali but they really are so Miami.

By Prism Creative Group

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