The Universe is a Temple…

The summer is here and Miami tends to be a “melting pot” not only for those culturally hungry individuals loving the diversity and colorful backgrounds of every face that walks by, but also for the climatic hermits who enjoy the warm rays while still delving into an invigorating wardrobe that includes layering even at its most minimal level. I for one, am and forever will be a “boot lady” til I die! (not exemplified in this post, but believe me, many boots to come) I love to wear them in all styles and colors regardless of weather conditions or climate, so it’s no surprise that I also love to wear light jackets in the summer. After all, most places I walk into have cranked up air conditioners that leave me freezing within minutes. All that to say, following seasonal rules are never fun, nor are they ever too budget friendly, so I’ll stick to gathering up my favorite pieces in every look I share with you! I hope you enjoy it and PLEASE KNOW that my heart behind these fun blog posts is to inspire you to find your own voice, develop your own style, be budget conscious, get ideas on how to put random pieces together and overall shine a light on beautiful pieces intricately and lovingly made by incredibly talented individuals who I personally believe in and am a fan of! With each post I will also share an inspirational quote that speaks to me at the moment which I hope will exhort and move you too! I love you gals!

 “For a happy person the whole universe is a temple.” -Osho

Photography by: JANEL KILNISAN _MG_5287 copy _MG_5141_MG_5114_MG_5241_MG_5250_MG_5362_MG_5140_MG_5293_MG_5256_MG_5268

Look Credits:
rings left hand: Zamarut Jewel, Lux Divine Jewelry / rings right hand: Gypsy River, Heart Majestic, The Champagne Gypsy / top: Mamie Ruth / shorts: Wild & Free Hawaii / necklace: Gypsy River / boots: Wild & Free Jewelry / crystal wrap cuff: Wings Hawaii /silver cuff: Bella & Chloe / clutch: Sugarhigh Lovestoned

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