If the World was Blind

I was recently browsing through the web for some intrinsic soul inspiration and stumbled upon this most breathtaking and heart stirring quote which read, “If the world was blind, how many people would you impress?”

Now this got me into rapid thinking mode and of course began to overwhelm me with ideas, emotions, exhortations and all else you can imagine would come at someone as if they were slapped in the face with the greatest wave of truth.  Since that day, this quote has creepily weaseled its way into my every day causing a re-calibration of just about EVERYTHING! It made me wonder as a culture what it is that we praise, that we give value to, that we ultimately let ourselves become influenced by. And for that reason I’d like to challenge you to also evaluate what is it that defines you? What do others identify you with? (Not that others’ opinions define you by any means, but when they think of you, what comes to mind?) What do you represent? What do your lips speak of? What do your ears choose to listen to? What details in life do your eyes selectively gaze at?

They are all questions that once answered would allow you to better understand the message that you are sharing with the world through your everyday living. Lets be women who live by the motto of leaving this world a better place than we found it… from the environment to the lives of others, whether we know them or not. I’ll just leave you with that little bite of food for thought!

In the meantime, check out another one of my fun everyday looks that I basically live in whether it be to get some groceries or to go on a casual date night at the movies. And remember that I like to showcase looks that are true to my personal style and these editor’s posts are intended to give you some ideas on ways to wear things. By no means is this a style guide on what you “need” or “must have”, because personally I don’t believe you NEED anyTHING to be happy. You’ll find that my looks are a pastiche of very affordable brands, mixed with some occasional splurges and showcases of independent treasures made by incredibly talented women out there…

So here it goes…

Look details:
top: This Little Gypsy Shop / pants: Yireh / vest: Siblings Army / necklaces top to bottom: Love Strength, Silver Spoon by Blair Keiser, Gypsy RiverThis Little Gypsy Shop / bracelets top to bottom: Ohm BohoSilver Spoon by Blair Keiser, Ways of Change, Parcel & Journey / rings left to right: Eclectic Bling Jewelry, Uma K, Sacred Geometry Silver, The Jade Stone / bags: Kilim bag: The Bihi Store, banjara clutch:This Little Gypsy Shop

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