The Goodness Bowl

This antioxidant-packed bowl featuring a blend of acai, berries, and bananas is a sweet, nourishing treat for the body. The bowl foundation can be created with several fruits including a melon or a coconut. Whichever fruit you opt for, have fun making it your own!


1 whole medium pineapple [wash, pat dry, slice the pineapple in the middle with stems, scoop out the flesh in the middle and make a hallow]

½ cup of ice cubes

2 small packets of frozen açaí

2 bananas [frozen]

2 oranges [juiced]

2 cups of blueberries [frozen]

2 cups of raspberries [frozen]

3 tablespoons of agave or honey

Diana Rodelo CopyrightsToppings



Sliced bananas

Sliced strawberries



Sliced persimmons

Chia seeds

Diana Rodelo Copyrights Preparation

In a blender, place in ice cubes, frozen acai, frozen bananas, orange juice, blueberries, raspberries and agave or honey. Whiz on high until the mix is thick and smooth. Once blended, pour the mix into the hollowed pineapples and top with your assortment of fruits!

Tip: I like using a mix of sliced persimmons, whole and sliced strawberries, whole unfrozen blueberries, raspberries and sliced bananas. To add crunch, top off  the bowl with granola, cereal or goji berries.

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