Spirit Animal

0X0A0622bnw0X0A0912bnwtop (bottom image): Trash Vintage // Jewels: PFYT0X0A0707-Editbnw0X0A0681-Editbnw0X0A0548bnwPoncho and Pants(top image) + colorful top (bottom image): Trash Vintage  // Shirt: Arnhem Clothing // Jewels: PFYT 0X0A0723bnw0X0A0920bnw0X0A1028bnw0X0A0947bnw0X0A1078bnw0X0A1083-EditbnwPlaysuit: The Naked Tiger0X0A0524bnwPhotography: Moriah Overell

Hair and Makeup & Styling: Cassie Bimrose

Model: Suzy Wootton

Assistant: Maddison Burr

Location: Maleny Botanical Gardens

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