The Great Escape

Megan Costello-5873

(Left) Poncho: Red Poppy Vintage // Pom Poms: La Niñas Textile // Ring: Gypsy River //

(Right) Monokini: Body Glove // Necklace: Biulu Artisans // Bag: Dibadani Store // Ring: Violet Gray

Megan Costello-6220

Megan Costello-6234

Megan Costello-6316

Necklace: Biulu Artisans // Long Necklace: Tierra Alma // Dress: Figure Love // Ring: Lost Lover Stone

Megan Costello-6454

Hat: SFH Designs // Choker: Biulu Artisans // Necklace: Inali Campbell // Top: Favorite Little Corner // Bottoms: Printed Pattern People // Kimono: Sigal // Cuffs: Ways of Change

Megan Costello-6460

Megan Costello-7307

Monokini: Body Glove // Rings: Monali G, Lost Lover Store

Megan Costello-7362 copy

Megan Costello-7379

Megan Costello-7632

Megan Costello-5925

Megan Costello-6367

Megan Costello-6731

(Left) Hat: Tienda Shop // Earrings: June Chapters // Choker: Biulu Artisans // Swimsuit: Body Glove // Shirt: Auguste the Label

(Right) Head Scarf: Printed Pattern People // Earrings: Folk Fortune // Choker: Biulu Artisans // Swimsuit: Sunday Somewhere // Dress: Feather and Find

Megan Costello-6893

Head Scarf: Soulie // Dress: Santa Marguerite // Colorful Trinkets: Pachamama Bohemian & La Niñas Textiles

Megan Costello-7055



Photographer: Megan Costello // // @avalanchevocals


Annika Bauer // Niche Models & Talent Hawaii// @annikabbauer 

Sarah Lau // Niche Models & Talent Hawaii // @saraahlau



En el Barrio

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Tell us about yourself.

My name is Cierra Creer. I got into modeling when I was 16, but I’m going to school because education has always been the most important thing. Right now, I’m studying Communications and Spanish, with a minor in PR, at Arizona State University. However, I’m still very passionate about modeling and trying to find a way to integrate the two.


What is your passion?

There aren’t many things that I’m super passionate about, but if I had to pick one it’d definitely be music. I’ve always grown up listening to so many different artists and my love for finding new music hasn’t stopped. At the moment, I’d say I’m most passionate about my journey of self-discovery. I’m just an 18 year-old girl trying to figure out what I truly want out of life, for myself. One thing that I have decided is that I definitely want to take this modeling thing seriously. However, I also attend ASU so I’m trying to figure out how I’ll juggle the two!

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Caftan: Zara // Bralette: Urban Outfitters // Shorts: Vintage // Shoes: Via Spiga // Turquoise Jewelry: Ellyse Nichole

What are you goals in life?

My ultimate goal in life is to just be able to look back on my life and have no regrets — I know, cliché. By this, I mean taking risks and giving my 100% in all that I do, especially modeling.

Who inspires you?

The one person that never fails to inspire me is my mom. She’s always worked so hard to accomplish her goals while tackling everything life throws at her.

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Silver Top: Zara // Bralette: Wacoal // High Wasted Brief: American Apparel // Headwrap: Vintage // Turquoise Jewelry: Ellyse Nichole // Coin Necklace: Free People //Shield Necklace: Child of Wild

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What’s your favorite thing about modeling and what’s something you’d like to change about the industry?

Well I’ve never really been an artistic person, but modeling makes me feel like it for once. In shoots I’m able to express myself, get creative and completely be someone else in that moment. However, I would like to change the beauty standards. Yes, the industry is becoming more diverse when it comes to ethnicity, but I feel like it is still so far behind in representing all body types. I want girls to be able to look at ads and see someone just like them, and most importantly feel beautiful.

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Dress: Vintage // Booties: Zara // Jewelry: Ellyse Nicholle


What are you currently reading?

Right now I’m reading The Rap Year Book by Shea Serrano; I’m such a music head!


How did you feel about working on this editorial?

When I first got the proposal for this shoot, I expected some magic but these photos really exceed my expectations. Ellyse is such a great stylist, and all of her pieces really just accentuated the vibrant buildings on location. We moved pretty quickly to avoid the heat. Hannah did an awesome job of capturing every detail in such limited time.

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Swimsuit: Vintage // Jacket: Free People // Turquoise Jewelry and Earrings: Ellyse Nichole // Coin Necklace: Free People // Gladiator Sandals: ASOS

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High Wasted Briefs: American Apparel // Poncho: Vintage  // Turquoise Hoop Earrings: Ellyse Nichole // Cuff: Bahgsu // Rings: Ellyse Nichole // Gold Choker: Ellyse Nichole // Gladiator Sandals: ASOS

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Editorial Credits

Photographer: Hannah Koehler

Model: Cierra Creer

Styling/Custom Jewelry: Ellyse Nichole

Married in Magnolia: When Mexico Calls

Here’s the story of how I designed the wedding of my dreams. We call my parents’ house “Magnolia” and my wedding took place in their gorgeous backyard.


Alma de la Selva


“Blogger? I’ve been struggling with the label…” says Jana Rose Carrero from the style blog, OJ and Cigs. As a multifaceted woman, visual experimenter, music and art enthusiast, Jana feels most at home in her contemplative state, creating visual art. An ease is felt in her presence as she opens up about her drive and passions, exuding a wealth of serenity that can inspire even the most impartial onlooker. Her work features soft, subtle images intertwined with edge and elegance  — a testament to the woman herself.

As a visionary, Jana creates poetry with her aesthetic, painting a story with her images. Her imaginative visuals have garnered a widespread audience of others who also view life as art, and clothing as a form of extracting and showcasing life’s beauty. To her, the act of blogging goes beyond the surface, “‘Blogging is an umbrella-term for it, because it encompasses so much more than that. It’s about making cool images, telling stories, capturing moments, putting together looks, working with brands and making new friends along the way.”

After graduating from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and majors in Motion Pictures and Latin American Studies, and becoming a certified fashion stylist by the Fashion Institute of Technology, Jana launched her blog in November 2012. “I started blogging as a creative outlet to share my sartorial musings and love of music and photography. I was highly motivated by the prospect of joining an online, and real-life, community of like-minded individuals that support and inspire one another,” she remembers.

Jana reminds us that hidden gems abound, at times in the most commonplace areas as well as the unknown. She can be seen photographed in everyday locations such as a park or a garden — making the ordinary extraordinary through her art. With an exalting spirit, and a golden heart, Jana continues to capture the interest and admiration of those who look beyond the lense to find the soul’s dwelling.



Dress: Mamie Ruth // Textile: Woman Shops World // Necklace: Ways of Change // Rings: The Champagne Gypsy , Twisted Whimsy


Dress: Gypsy Soul Designs // Camel Blanket: Woman Shops World // Necklaces: Starry Crown //Rings: Turquoise ZoneIndie and HarperTorchlight Jewelry


Top: Kin Lab Collective // Skirt: Dir69 Studio // Choker: Love+Leather // Hat Pompoms: Woman Shops World // Rings:

Turquoise ZoneIndie and Harper


On location at Jungle Island, one of  South Florida’s favorite landmarks. Jungle Island is an intimate zoological park located between downtown Miami and South Beach. Building upon a rich tradition that began in 1936, Jungle Island is home to some of the world’s most rare and exotic animals. Park guests enjoy engaging animal shows and informative exhibits while strolling by streams and waterfalls under a lush canopy of tropical trees. Guests can choose to participate in hands-on interactions with fascinating animals or go on guided behind-the-scenes VIP tours. Jungle Island enriches the lives of park visitors through immersive, real-life jungle experiences centered on adventure, animals, discovery and play. Follow @JungleIsland on social media or visit

Editorial Credits

Photography: Yesica Laver Flores
Hair and Makeup: Laura Rosa
Wardrobe: Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez
Writer: Suanny Garcia Barales
Location: Jungle Island
Mystic Moon: Magic on the Marsh


Editorial Credits 

Collaboration: Lunarsea & Le Photogenic for the latest campaign for Lunarsea – Mystic Moon.

Photography: Michelle Troop of Le Photogenic   // @_michelle__troop_

Location: The Marsh, Broome, WA, Australia

Model: Kathe Dewaele // @petitekathe

Hair/Makeup: Kathe Dewaele

Styling: Celeste Boyd (owner/designer of Lunarsea)

Assistant Stylist & location scout: Lisa Terry

Jewelry: Lunarsea  // // @lunarseadesigns

Clothing: The Havana crotchet dress by Spell Designs // // @spell_byronbay

Summer Greens Sugar Maxi dress by Arnhem // // @arnhem_clothing

Vintage crotchet top, embroidered jacket & suede shorts from Celeste’s extensive vintage collection.

Vintage boots: Kathe’s own.