Pour Your Heart Out…

While blogs are a magnificent way to open up your life lens to the world and expose people to beautiful, inspiring and interesting things, I do believe that there is still a creatively magical element to the therapeutic act of journaling. Through blogs we can educate, meditate, share, organize and perhaps even vent, but there is still a vastly public aspect to all things documented. I for one am a perpetual fountain of thoughts, ideas and emotions, (not sure if that’s a good thing or not) that needs to deposit and transfer information constantly. Whether that means jotting things down, embarking on a creative research streak or sharing with a friend. (Thank you, my wonderful, loving and patient soul mates… you know who you are!)

Yet, as liberating as that is, there is SOOO much more that I have to say! Not that anyone really wants to hear… which is why I turn to journaling. The most beautiful thing about journaling is that it’s my time to talk with my loving creator. This is the time when I pour out my heart to God. I share my feelings, struggles, creative rants, disappointments, hopeful expectations and I reinforce my faith in the Almighty. Sometimes I just illustrate or collage on things that make me feel alive such as art, travel, books, music, other individuals I’m inspired by and people I love. Surprisingly enough, I often find myself increasingly inspired by my own discoveries in this process. I have a daily ritual in which I read scripture, write my favorite verse and later delve into what that teaches me and how I can apply that life lesson. Outside of that, I also take the liberty to just wander in the process of quoting, illustrate aimlessly and paste poems, cool images from newspapers or magazines and old pictures. It’s like merging inspiration boards, a diary, prayer, meditations, blogging and researching all into one act of love that no matter how much your computer crashes, you’ll always have access to!

So I encourage you to perhaps take on this new hobby/ritual to see how your dreams expand on a plan to action, how your spiritual self discovers that magnitude of “greatness” that lies within you and how venting to God and yourself can help put problem down for once and allow you to see obstacles as I call them “paper giants”. Here are some pages from my personal archive of thoughts! Enjoy the process!



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