8 Ways to Fight the Funk

In the whimsical world of Instagram, life as a mermaid is beaming with sunshine and rainbows, but don’t let the filters fool you. Allow me to open your eyes to the unsaturated reality, even mermaids have their gloomy days. I have a little “sea-cret” to share. Lately, I’ve been in somewhat of a funk.

I’ve developed this positive persona in which people expect me to be happy, and while it’s flattering being a person everyone feels comfortable turning to for motivation and guidance, I often feel like a fake knowing I personally haven’t been my happiest, most amazing self.

My world is on the verge of recreation and with big changes ahead, the uncertainty of my future often leaves a dark rain cloud of doubt lingering above me. I’m drowning in the downpour of my own dreams as the universe tests my faith, and challenges my patience.

But life is about learning how to dance in the rain, and although I’m still learning how to cope with the rain, I’ll tell you one thing— I’m one hell of a dancer.

So who wants to learn some moves? Here are my top 7 quick fixes to happiness.

1. Have a Dance Party: If you want to learn how to dance in the rain, start by literally dancing. It’s the perfect way to let go of what’s bothering you and celebrate the funky-ness of you. Throwing random dance parties into your daily grind helps raise energy levels and boost confidence. Clothing in your personal space is optional.

2. Get Salty: It doesn’t matter if you sweat it out, play in the water, or cry like a little girl. All mermaids can agree salt water is a cleansing agent that helps release the unhappy tension building within your heart.

3. Write It Out: Take the time and listen to what your heart is telling you by putting your thoughts on paper. This happiness tactic will clear your mind while helping you discover the root of your dilemma. (Fun Fact: My happiness has boosted instantly just from writing this post, seriously thanks for reading!)

4. Light One Up: The aromatherapy of a candle fills us with a sense of calmness and solitude. The tranquility of candlelight helps reduce stress and increase self-awareness. Some people even utilize the sacred tool within their meditation. However, I utilize it in a bubble bath with a glass of wine.

5. Take a Nap: My roomie is the catnap queen (sometimes before I even wake up, the girl has already taken like three naps). But no joke, she’s one of the happiest people I know. Taking time out for some shut-eye is the perfect reset button to your day. It’s a great way to wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed while improving your alertness and overall performance.

6. Catch The Sunset: Golden Hour is a magical moment in time that allows you to reflect on the day and manifest the future, while fully embracing the moment. As the sky sets on fire with vibrant hues, we are reminded that tomorrow is a brand new day and a new opportunity to be better than the mermaid you were before.

7. Stay True To You: Sometimes life can be a lonely road, but it’s your road and should be lived for no one else. Trying to live up to the expectation of others keeps you from taking care of your personal life, which sets everyone up for disappointment. By staying true to yourself, the right people will come into your life and strongly encourage you on the pursuit of happiness.

8. Breathe and Believe: When the overwhelming whirlwind of life begins to suffocate you with the fear of your future, calm yourself down and just breathe. Meditation is all about focusing on connecting your breath to the moment, and as long as you stay in-tune with the present, you will feel in-tune with yourself. However, the real trick to obtaining bliss is believing in yourself enough to know the best is yet to come.

The reality is, happiness is a mind game. Stuff happens, everyone experiences unfortunate circumstances in their life, but it’s how you choose to perceive these situations that separates the happy from the unhappy. Challenge your mind to discover beauty in the darkness and have faith you will soon find your light again.

The way I see it, the rainstorms of life help build strength within us while, teaching us to appreciate the sunshine even more. Like anything in life, dancing in the rain takes practice and I promise there will come a day where we will all be able to move like Beyoncé. When that day comes you will feel a strong connection to your most incredible mermaid self, and when you are connected to yourself, you are connected to the greater power.

Then everything will feel right in the world.

…until you get your period again.

Fins & Kisses,

Gennah Rodriguez, The Running Mermaid

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