The Great Escape

Megan Costello-5873

(Left) Poncho: Red Poppy Vintage // Pom Poms: La Niñas Textile // Ring: Gypsy River //

(Right) Monokini: Body Glove // Necklace: Biulu Artisans // Bag: Dibadani Store // Ring: Violet Gray

Megan Costello-6220

Megan Costello-6234

Megan Costello-6316

Necklace: Biulu Artisans // Long Necklace: Tierra Alma // Dress: Figure Love // Ring: Lost Lover Stone

Megan Costello-6454

Hat: SFH Designs // Choker: Biulu Artisans // Necklace: Inali Campbell // Top: Favorite Little Corner // Bottoms: Printed Pattern People // Kimono: Sigal // Cuffs: Ways of Change

Megan Costello-6460

Megan Costello-7307

Monokini: Body Glove // Rings: Monali G, Lost Lover Store

Megan Costello-7362 copy

Megan Costello-7379

Megan Costello-7632

Megan Costello-5925

Megan Costello-6367

Megan Costello-6731

(Left) Hat: Tienda Shop // Earrings: June Chapters // Choker: Biulu Artisans // Swimsuit: Body Glove // Shirt: Auguste the Label

(Right) Head Scarf: Printed Pattern People // Earrings: Folk Fortune // Choker: Biulu Artisans // Swimsuit: Sunday Somewhere // Dress: Feather and Find

Megan Costello-6893

Head Scarf: Soulie // Dress: Santa Marguerite // Colorful Trinkets: Pachamama Bohemian & La Niñas Textiles

Megan Costello-7055



Photographer: Megan Costello // // @avalanchevocals


Annika Bauer // Niche Models & Talent Hawaii// @annikabbauer 

Sarah Lau // Niche Models & Talent Hawaii // @saraahlau



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