Come On and Take a Free Ride

It’s festival season again! We are ready to throw caution to the wind, and let time just fade into the horizon….Pack up the car, fill the gas tank and never look back. Maybe you have tickets to the show- or maybe you are just going go see where the day takes you. It’s this special time of year when you can wear body paint during the day, run barefoot all weekend long, and let your phone battery die with the sunset.

The most magical moments will never be recorded…..because you just had to be there.20150205-IMG_5080 20150205-IMG_5058 20150205-IMG_4997 20150205-IMG_4980 20150205-IMG_4954 20150205-IMG_5089  20150205-IMG_5212-no cig 20150205-IMG_5151-B 20150205-IMG_5130-B 20150205-IMG_5096 20150205-IMG_5244 20150205-IMG_5277 20150205-IMG_5305-2-B 20150205-IMG_5317-B 20150205-IMG_5338  20150205-IMG_5340-B 20150205-IMG_5367 20150205-IMG_5377 20150205-IMG_5392 20150205-IMG_5402  20150205-IMG_5414  20150205-IMG_5510 20150205-IMG_5516  20150205-IMG_5538 20150205-IMG_5524 20150205-IMG_5419

Graphic tees & tunics: Sugarhigh Lovestoned

Photography By: Samantha Feyen

Hair & Make-up: Risa Hoshino

Babes: Kori Hun-Pilago + Boonyanudh Jiyaro

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