What You Possess

It seems that as a generation, we have a tendency to battle life’s challenges as if we were the star comedian at a constantly sold out improv club. We “roll with the punches” in the most spontaneous way assuming that we’ll know exactly what to do when difficulty arises. In our emotional and spiritual lives we often wing it, and handle unforeseen circumstances with a disheartening sense of urgency.

Our culture puts an enormous emphasis on the importance of academic exam preparation, military training, emergency airplane evacuation, and fire drills to name a few essential and valuable practices.

However, just like any gymnast investing numerous hours training for the Olympics or a soccer player rigorously sprinting daily in preparation for the World Cup, we too must exercise the muscles of our heart and spirit while familiarizing ourselves with the tools we have in order to be the most effective in our pursuit.

The supernatural thermometer of our time measures high temperatures of spirituality, yet there is no faith. Millions of dollars are spent on the beauty industry yearly by strong, independent and incredible women who seek to feel self-actualized and beautiful, only to fall into the hands of a partner who steals every cent of that investment by destroying their self-esteem.

I’m currently enjoying an edifying read by Brian Houston titled, Live Love Lead, and in the books he states,

“Someone told me that when you hear a lion roar in the jungle, it’s not the greatest danger to you. Apparently, the male lions with their big manes and ferocious jaws will pick a spot and let out this tremendous roar. His prey will then run in the other direction where a female lion is quietly waiting.

Sometimes it’s not what we’re running from that holds the power over us; it’s the act of running that pulls us away from God.”

It seems that the ambience of popular thought these days points to the false belief that we are powerless to extreme forces that come against us. Thoughts like “I’m not influential enough, I don’t have enough money, my resources are scarce, no one else will love me like him, I can’t leave this relationship now, I don’t have time, I’m just having fun,” eclipse the very truth of our DNA.

We were created for greatness, ( yes, WE, meaning ALL OF US) thus we posses every fiber of strength, intelligence, ability, resource and will-power necessary for our current journey. We’ll never be dealt more than we can handle so may we conquer the already envisioned dreams as well as the unimaginable undertakings up ahead.

You possess a prodigious spiritual bloodline of immensity and abundance…. May you live in that reality!

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Rings: Gypsy River , Indie and Harper, Lost Lover Store, The Stray Arrow

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