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Jamaican Wellness Woman SHARON FEANNY

SHARON FEANNY is the 53-year-young svelte, beaming bundle of pure good vibes that has been a leader in Jamaica’s wellness scene for decades. Born and grown in the teeny, yet massive in heart, Caribbean island, Sharon is the one woman army responsible for launching the country’s most robust yoga studio to date, Shakti Mind Body Fitness, as well as several other major wellness projects. She has played a big part in putting the breaks on longstanding practices of poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles, leading a cultural shift that has popularized physical activity and clean eating as pillars of a life well lived. Most poignantly, Sharon has also touched the lives of many – humbly, wholeheartedly holding their hands into the inner peace and zen of…

A Primal Passion Turned Success

Over the last few months, I’ve been rocking slightly-stinky, and sometimes totally-banging body odor. Why? I’ve vowed to stay away from self-care products laced with chemicals. Much to the distress of those who get a whiff on a bad day, wearing natural deodorant has become a non-negotiable. While my ‘natural-deodorant-armpit-stench-dilemma’ surely sounds familiar to anyone on a similar mission, it doesn’t have to be that way. Enter, Primally Pure natural deodorants to save the nostrils of the nearest passerby. Primally Pure’s owner, Bethany McDaniel, started the company after venturing down the challenging road of natural deodorants and then deciding to concoct her own. Eager not to offend others with B.O., she has dedicated years to tediously researching the ingredients and formulations that are most effective,...

What Is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle?

You may have heard of Ayurveda or the doshas at your Saturday morning yoga class, but have you ever thought about actually living an Ayurvedic lifestyle? Ayurveda, a science practiced for over 5,000 years, has tried and true remedies for maintaining a life of happiness and health. This ancient Science of Life, teaches us that we create our state of emotional, spiritual and physical health based on how we interact with our environment.

Humanity > Hurricanes: 3 Stories That Will Make You Smile Today

First hurricane Harvey, then Irma. While this hurricane season has been particularly devastating, there are brave humans who have made life easier for the rest of us.  When natural disasters strike, they provide opportunities for individuals to give what they have, whether that be money, time or even breast milk. Here are some fascinating ways humanity continues to grace us with its kindness in times of dire need.

Whats Right With the World? Uplifting Stories and Hope for the Soul

Each time we tune into the news, we are bombarded with devastating stories that only make us question our humanity. Although it’s important, and quite necessary,  to be aware of the adversity that plagues society, it may leave us thinking there is no good in this world… when in reality, there’s lots of good, just not much coverage of it. With these new stories and motivational videos, we hope to uplift and inspire you to ask yourself how you, too, can contribute to magnifying the beauty of our world. 

What No One Tells You About Motherhood

Motherhood is a role that comes with innumerable intricacies. While many women feel it’s their divine purpose to nourish and give life, others abstain from having children altogether. There is no wrong choice, and only one certainty: motherhood looks different to all of us. While there’s an overabundance of shared sentiments on the ways in which having a child will enrich a woman’s life, not so much light is given to the more challenging parts of motherhood, the part mothers themselves often feel reluctant to speak about. Oftentimes, descriptions of motherhood are not unlike an Instagram feed where users only share their picture-perfect moments but rarely discuss the difficult parts.

The Miami Makers You Need to Know for Summer

For those of us sweating off pounds in Miami heat, it’s a fight for survival out here. Not only have we given up on wearing makeup altogether, but we’re finding the urge to leave our sweet, sweet A/C increasingly more difficult. Something that does inspire us to leave the house, no matter the outside degree, is checking out our favorite makers and goods that are entirely 305. Check out some beautiful local items we think would get anyone out of the house and help you survive the season.

Trendy Tucson Behind Ellyse Nichole’s Lense

Tucson, Arizona has long been a destination connected to the University of Arizona. The small-town atmosphere, where summer parties and Greek life abound, make it a city with loads of friendly faces and good cheer. Over the years, I have witnessed this historic city go from a predominantly college area to a destination rich in culture, food and memorable experiences. Among Tucson’s many charms are its local gems tussled throughout this colorful backdrop.

When in Doubt, Paddle It out – How Professional Surfer Tia Blanco Rides Life’s Waves

We don’t usually juxtapose the words vegan and athlete — unless we’re talking about professional surfer, Tia Blanco. First place International Surfing Association Gold medalist are also impressive titles that fall under her belt. Nearing her twentieth year of life, Blanco is riding waves seamlessly, in and out of the ocean.

Unmasking the Beast: Exposing Confrontation

“GASP! Don’t look over there… She’s walking right behind you. When was the last time you saw her anyway?” (Quickly pondering what actually happened. Why are we not speaking? Did I do something wrong? Are we going crazy?) There’s clearly a natural gene in the human condition that avoids discomfort at all cost. Whether it’s the hazy lag that gets in the way of that week-long clean laundry pile waiting to be folded, or the creepy little demon inside our heads constantly manufacturing fear-based myths, we all struggle with confrontation in one way or another. But for right now, let’s dim the lights and spotlight interpersonal confrontation… and why it’s a GOOD thing! For some, this term has an aggressive connotation, for others this practice...

Jam Crush: Femina

There’s always music playing in our office, something to get us through the workdays and keep us inspired as things get crazy. What we really love, among the bustle, are artists who sing our spirits and speak to what we want this world to be filled with: color, passion, and soul. Which is why when the unparalleled level of eclectic rhythms of Femina burst into our speakers, we were instantly impressed. They’re a sister trio hailing from the Patagonian hills of Argentina, packing a punch with every lyric. Their sound infuses everything from quick-fire rap, to Latin folk, and anything quirky in between. What speaks to any listener is their loud messaging of self-empowerment and female power. And their style? Just as absolutely awesome. It,…

Want to Try a Plant-Based Diet? This Service Has Got You Covered

Anyone can throw together a simple salad but it takes talent, patience, and the ability to experiment with flavors, to put together a filling vegetarian or vegan meal — I learned from experience. Creativity can be particularly challenging with multi-step and multi-layered meals like casseroles, pasta dishes, or curries. Fortunately, California-based meal-delivery service, Veestro, does an incredible job of providing, what I now lovingly call, “Plant-Based Comfort Food.”

Empowered Women Inspire Change: Fashion with Purpose

“Life is like a rollercoaster. It has its ups and downs, but it’s up to you to enjoy the ride.” This is exactly Nicki Patel’s philosophy. After enduring health complications and working herself to exhaustion, the budding designer took a much-needed change of direction back toward familial roots and finding purpose. This ultimately inspired her and gave her the confidence to establish herself as a designer. With the love of her loyal pup, Milo, and out of a desire to empower women and inspire change in her pursuit to make a difference in the world, a cruelty-free, ethically-designed womenswear line arose: milo+nicki.

Who Made Your Bag Strap? A Look Into the Brand That Started It All

Growing up in Ecuador, Carmen Maria Correa and Laura Carrion were inspired by their home’s vivid landscapes, beautiful crafts, spectacular people, and most importantly, sartorial choices — such as the waist-cinchers, the traditional garb of Ecuadorians — which inspired the design for the popular bag strap so present in their collections. The brand’s story is a true example of innovation sparked by creativity.

The Great Escape

(Left) Poncho: Red Poppy Vintage // Pom Poms: La Niñas Textile // Ring: Gypsy River // (Right) Monokini: Body Glove // Necklace: Biulu Artisans // Bag: Dibadani Store // Ring: Violet Gray Necklace: Biulu Artisans // Long Necklace: Tierra Alma // Dress: Figure Love // Ring: Lost Lover Stone Hat: SFH Designs // Choker: Biulu Artisans // Necklace: Inali Campbell // Top: Favorite Little Corner // Bottoms: Printed Pattern People // Kimono: Sigal // Cuffs: Ways of Change Monokini: Body Glove // Rings: Monali G, Lost Lover Store (Left) Hat: Tienda Shop // Earrings: June Chapters // Choker: Biulu Artisans // Swimsuit: Body Glove // Shirt: Auguste the Label (Right) Head Scarf: Printed Pattern People // Earrings: Folk Fortune // Choker: Biulu Artisans // Swimsuit: Sunday…

Sri Lanka: A Photo Diary

The coast of Sri Lanka is picture-perfect with its lush emerald green jungle that rolls down to the palm tree-lined ocean. Locals gather along the roads with coconut and fruit stalls as their massive smiles and friendly demeanor spread to travelers passing by, reminding them of the pleasures of simple living and human connection. It is a natural paradise beautifully captured by staff photographer, Renae Saxby during her stay at Sunshine Stories Surf and Yoga Retreat.

Ten Amazing Things We Can Learn From Our Favorite Women in History

Women’s History Month is celebrated in the beautiful month that holds the first day of Spring, March. We gathered 10 women who have broken boundaries in their fields, opening many doors for us to follow; from voting, to running for POTUS, to protecting our bodies, every curve, every dimple, and becoming exceptional citizens. Let’s carry the torch and continue to celebrate the power of being a woman!

What’s Right With the World? Uplifting Stories and Hope for the Soul

When we are disenchanted by the folly of the humanity, we must not lose faith in the restorative power of love that lies within each and every one of us. Let us always choose a loving path and set an example of light, beauty, and honesty. “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” – Mahatma Ghandi

How to Train Your Mind to Be Happy

When we were younger, playing make-believe was our full-time job. We imagined cardboard boxes into cars, rocks and sand into currency, dirt and water into flour and milk. As we got older and society taught us the only things worth investing time in were projects that could be seen, measured, achieved and shown off to others, we ceased our careless exploration. But what if playing make-believe is exactly what we need to be doing in our adult lives to be content, as some experts are suggesting?

Getting To Know You Before Love

Slow. The word itself glows if you give your eyes a moment with it — not exactly the most typed-out word in my emails and text conversations.  Frustration is often my initial reaction when I text or type the word “slow,” usually coupled with grumbling disappointment for something being “too slow.”  It’s as if my secret mantra is, “if it takes a while, then it is not worth my time or my energy.”

What Instagram Teaches Us About Idealized Love

There was once a distinct difference between the act of consuming art and the act of living everyday life. Of course, creatives who have lived their entire lives as if life itself is a canvas would disagree, but largely, if one wanted to consume depictions of romantic love, for example, there was a deliberate act in walking into a gallery, picking up a poetry book, reading a romance novel or watching a film. The predisposition was clear from the outset: what you are about to consume is a dramatized, romanticized, poeticized depiction of love, intended to be enjoyed as a form of entertainment, not replicated or sought after.

Lessons We’ve Learned: Prism Creative Group Biz Tips

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but having a vision you’re passionate about is enough to keep you going through the tough times and the wins. We don’t all have someone to help us through it, especially the times we’re totally unprepared for, but as a means to help anyone out there looking to turn a dream into an impactful reality, here are some lessons we’ve learned after almost a decade of going solo:

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