When your days AND life seem too short.

I probably don’t need to ask you if you ever feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day, because based on most of my friendship encounters with this question, I typically get a huge eye roll with a simultaneous, “GIRRRRLLL, SERIOUSLY!”

But there’s something interesting about this modern day dynamic where we have more connection gadgets and domestic miracle machines to help us “get it all done,” than ever, yet we have reportedly the most overwhelmed, unsatisfied, depressed, anxious and disconnected people in the history of time.

I embarrassingly cringe when I think about all the ways and times I’ve been “too busy,” seeking the very thing I’ve been too busy to notice; a sense of resolute peace that’s not contingent on sunny skies and checked off to-do lists, but is rather present in the cold storms and endless “putting out fires” agenda.

Truth is, life will never be perfectly quiet circumstantially, but it can be spiritually. More often than not, what we end up chasing after in our effort to seek God ‘s peace is the removal of chaos so we no longer have to actually depend on the peace pillar Himself.

In doing so, however, rather than removing the noise, we add more tasks to get distracted, do anything we can to catch up and “feel” less overwhelmed, we depend on dopamine triggers to arouse our sense of value, we acquire more physical things to fill emotional voids and we consume information more than we create meaning.

So perhaps there’s another kind of to-do list that might be less deflating and seemingly bottomless. A list along these lines:

Scan for storms + welcome them as an invitation to a God-show-off-party.

Because our design is for connection and dependence on God, difficulties and valleys are the VERY places you’re going to see God’s hand the clearest because they’re the only places where you reach the limited and finite parts of your ability.

Create margins for stillness even when it seems impossible + counterproductive.

God’s economy works differently than ours. When you have that much more to do, seek God THAT much more and see how He redeems your time. It’s usually in those nooks of stillness that supernatural creativity, direction, insight and genius get downloaded onto us, contrary to the windows of pressured “productivity” we enforce on ourselves.

Before you put your feet on the ground, check your agenda or start your workday, let God steer the priorities.

As great as we are at creating vision boards, passion planners and daily agendas, make a little room to let God change the blueprints if need be, and in meditative prayer ask Him to reveal people, situations or opportunities that are of most urgency. Will you be available and flexible enough to put God’s matters before your plans?

Perhaps this is a good place to start for most of us, but feel free to make a list of your own that reflects ways in which you’ll let God lead. We each have different areas where we’re seeking that freedom and peace and those areas of most resistance are often the most delicious parts of our lives… post surrender to the master life architect.

So what do you say?


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