What’s Right with the World: Uplifting Stories and Hope for the Soul

In wake of incessant bad news and unconscious human behavior, the Editorial Team at Disfunkshion has gathered inspiring stories, and words of wisdom, with the effort to showcase a higher human consciousness that is ever-present in the world, but not often allotted media exposure. Every month we will be featuring some of the most compelling stories circulating around the internet with the hope of stirring a reinvigorated sense of hope in humanity.

The story of Raimundo, the Brazilian poet:


Source: Wimp.com

Oprah let’s us know that there’s no such thing as failure:

The one man that saved 500 people:

Source: Good News Network 

A teacher teaches his students the most important lesson of all:

Source: AJ+

Police officer uses small talk to save a man’s life:


Featured image by Janel Kilnisan

Oye Pappi, Ven Acá!

Are You Waffles or Spaghetti?

Heart to Hart on Being Beautiful