Want to Try a Plant-Based Diet? This Service Has Got You Covered

Anyone can throw together a simple salad but it takes talent, patience, and the ability to experiment with flavors, to put together a filling vegetarian or vegan meal — I learned from experience. Creativity can be particularly challenging with multi-step and multi-layered meals like casseroles, pasta dishes, or curries. Fortunately, California-based meal-delivery service, Veestro, does an incredible job of providing, what I now lovingly call, “Plant-Based Comfort Food.”

I had the opportunity of tasting Veestro’s selection of favorites while working them into my own schedule, for one week. Five meals and one juice arrived at my doorstep individually packaged and ready to transfer straight to the freezer.

It is important to note that there are little to no frozen items in my home — berries for smoothies and pizza for emergencies… like a Thursday night. While each entrée or snack is frozen, every item is preservative free. The instructions for reheating provide options for oven, stovetop, and microwave; flexible for someone who works in a job where they have access to a microwave, and on days when I worked from home, I enjoyed the oven preparation.

Since each package lists the full ingredients and individual nutrition labels, I even strategized when I could best enjoy each meal. Some meals seemed heavier and best paired with a morning workout and a light dinner, while a few lighter meals would serve as an ideal lunch option because of a pre-determined, substantial dinner. For instance, if my husband and I were having “Taco Tuesday” with yellow rice and black bean bowls, then I did not have a lunch option that had rice as a main component. Veestro’s assortment of meals kept my individual lunchtime regime varied while supporting our pre-planned dinners at home as a family.

My two stand out dishes, of which I could not get enough, were the Enchilada Casserole and the Red Curry. Both entrées were rich, flavorful, satisfying, and solidified my idea of “Plant-Based Comfort Food.” These delectable dishes were like warm hugs to my hungry soul. The meals easily could have been loaded with traditional ingredients like dairy and meat but instead, were power-packed with tofu and cooked vegetables.

For those individuals looking to simplify their cooking routine, and those looking to eat less meat and cook with alternatives, Veestro is a great companion to your pantry and produce. Plus, learning to love “plant-based” is made even easier when you don’t have to miss out on the comfort and complexity of flavors while still gaining the health benefits plants provide naturally.

If you’d like to give it a shot, use the promo code  “DISFUNKSHION20” from now until 8/4/17 for 20% off your order. 

By Leah Lou Zorn

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