The Inner Life

“Don’t forfeit internal prosperity for external popularity .”

With all the movement we are forcefully seeing daily, regardless of how much we filter our mental and emotional spaces, we are constantly spoon fed the subconscious message that in order to be meaningful, impactful and valuable we must have a huge social influence, but it doesn’t stop there, you must also be massively agreeable. So the questions I ask today are, where does your value rest? Who determines that? Who have you given the power to measure your worth and ability? What are you investing most of your energy in? Are you aiming toward INTERNAL overflow of emotional and mental prosperity OR the fleeting and ever so changing flow of EXTERNAL popularity?

Keep in mind that while our outer self is progressively deteriorating, our inner self is continually rejuvenating.

We might be continually stimulated to invest in our physical appearance, for that is what the world seemingly values. A great body, perfect eyebrows, flawless hair, diverse wardrobe, sleek skin, hefty bank account, new car and the list goes on. But while all those things fade, fall apart, wrinkle, slow down, fall off and waste away, our inner person renovates, renews, refreshes, grows, strengthens and revitalizes. That is of course with the proper nourishment, time, focus and intentional  investment. So while taking care of ourselves and our physical temples is incredibly important, the ratio of investment should be significantly lower than that of the inner life. This of course does not mean that you can’t enjoy some of life’s beautiful perks: some  well deserved shopping time, an invigorating massage after a stressful week, an investment in edifying yoga classes, an upgrade in necessary equipment to work with, etc… all things in balance and moderation. The point is not delving into the material world giving most of your thought life, time, desires, and energy into achieving said things. After all, they should be just that, perks… not the end in itself.

Statistics show that most individuals past the age of 58 experience higher levels of joy, peace and overall satisfaction than they did in their younger years, proving that although their external prime years are gone, their internal prime years have just begun. This is of course also due to a higher level of maturity, wisdom and clear understanding of life after many years of evaluation and experience. May we strive for that kind of beauty now and forever conditioning, polishing, combing, trimming, investing in and making over our souls.


Enjoy these colorful images by the incredible Janel Kilnisan and check out more of her work here.

And as usual, I’d like to remind our beautiful readers that that the images in this post are in no way shared to showcase “trends” or dictate any ideals of fashion standards. I believe in the freedom of creative expression and personal style, not in consumerist compulsion, which is why I  share looks that can inspire ways to wear items you may already have. The idea is to be resourceful with what we’ve got and get creative with it. And if by chance any of these goodies capture your heart, you’d know where you can find some of my all-time favorite treasures! =)


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9158714171012Look Details:

Crop Top: Tree of Life

Long Sleeve Embellished Top: Pachamama Bohemian

Skirt: Laced Tea

Bag: Kin Lab Collective

Choker: Lost Lover Store

Sunnies: Zero UV

Bracelets Left Hand: Ohm Boho / Torchlight Jewelry / Isabella Rae

Bracelets Right Hand: Ohm Boho / Ways of Change

Rings Left Hand: Eclectic Bling / Turquoise Zone / Jade Stone

Rings Right Hand: Eclectic Bling / Stray Arrow / Paloma Stipp

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