3 Easy Steps to Get Your “OM” On

Sitting in complete stillness for a couple of minutes sounds simple enough right!? The inner peace that comes along with shutting off your mind and connecting with your breath makes meditation a real no-brainer. But why is it so damn hard to welcome this beneficial practice into our daily grind?


Want to Try a Plant-Based Diet? This Service Has Got You Covered

Anyone can throw together a simple salad but it takes talent, patience, and the ability to experiment with flavors, to put together a filling vegetarian or vegan meal — I learned from experience. Creativity can be particularly challenging with multi-step and multi-layered meals like casseroles, pasta dishes, or curries. Fortunately, California-based meal-delivery service, Veestro, does an incredible job of providing, what I now lovingly call, “Plant-Based Comfort Food.”


Why The Palm Tree House in Bali is The Ultimate Wellness Retreat

As I walked through the doors of The Palm Tree House, Bali’s newest retreat space, my nose
tickled with the smell of fresh jasmine in the air, my eyes were in complete awe of the lush
landscape surrounding me, and my heart felt at peace, knowing I was right at home on the other
side of the world.

Bali is known for its devoted spiritual culture, tasty vegan cuisine and gnarly surf breaks, so it’s
no surprise why this magical land is the mecca of wellness retreats. But with a wide variety of
getaways to choose from, booking the ultimate retreat can be a bit overwhelming.
Whether you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, or itching to get out of
your comfort zone and travel solo. The Palm Tree House is a sacred space that helps
reenergize the soul by reconnecting with your true self.

Located in the trendy town of Canggu, the eclectic atmosphere is a perfect blend of Balinese
beliefs and western progression. Just a leisurely walk, or short bike ride away from pristine rice
paddy fields, world-class beaches, Instagramable cafes, stylish boutiques, relaxing spas, and a
dedicated community built on the importance culture. The neighborhood is ideal for anyone
interested in experiencing the lively leisure Bali has to offer. Although, with the inclusive spa
treatments and gourmet meals, you may never want to leave the comfort of your villa.

The most appealing part The Palm Tree House was the freedom to do as I please. While most
wellness retreats are focused on a strict, weeklong regimen, allowing little time to unwind and
reflect. This is the kind of place that understands the importance of “me time” and designs an
individual schedule tailored specifically to your needs. You can check-in and check-out when
you like, with no minimum stay requirement. And depending upon the kind of retreat you wish to
have, you can choose your very own package from their extensive menu. They offer everything
from private fitness coaching and surf lessons, to additional yoga classes and even treatments
in Ayurvedic healing. Should you choose to dive even deeper into your spiritual journey,
additional sessions are available including juicy tarot readings, powerful reiki energy healing,
tranquil sound bathing, and even body work to help release built up trauma you are holding on
to in your body.

When it comes to food, delicious is an understatement. Their food philosophy is that mealtime is
a time for celebration. The majority of meals are provided, with the exception of excursion days.
Staying true to the local cuisine, these 3 course meals are made in house from the freshest of
ingredients. The menu is filled with colorful variety from dragon fruit smoothie bowls and jackfruit
tacos, to traditional Balaniese foods including Gado Gado, Nasi Goreng and even Vegetable
Renang Curry. Also, the kitchen staff accommodates any dietary restrictions or food allergies, to
ensure everyone gets a taste of these decedent dishes.

If you have the urge to experience a solo vacation, but are worried to travel alone, this retreat
takes safety seriously. Every Villa is guarded security 24/7 and you are provided with round-trip
shuttle service to and from the airport, regardless of your flight time. Upon arrival you will be
given an local phone, preprogrammed with all staff members contact information in case of
emergency. You have the option to ride around town like a true local on a motor scooter or bicycle.


Or if you are looking to venture farther outside the town of Changgu, the staff will be
happy to arrange you a personal driver for the day.

The Palm Tree House team goes above and beyond to make sure you are not only safe, but happy with your stay. They welcome you into their home with open arms, making you feel apart
of their tight knit family. Everyone is eager to share their culture and love hearing about your
day. They sprinkle surprises throughout your stay like inspirational notes by your bedside,
incense burning around the clock, and even fresh flower baths. My favorite part about this
retreat was feeling cared for by such incredible individuals. The Palm Tree House team
genuinely wants to give you an experience that makes you feel loved, appreciated, and
worshiped like the queen you are! Of all the places I have traveled and the people I have met,
parting ways with this special team has definitely been the hardest good bye (I cried at the
airport, and there is no doubt you will too).

Although The Palm Tree House is new to the retreat scene in Bali, it already has major
credibility by being the sister retreat to the award-winning Escape Haven. This boutique Bali
retreat is tailored to wandering woman looking to make a deeper connection to her true self, and
the world around her. Between the personal spa packages, caring staff, and dreamy jungle villa,
The Palm Tree House is the ultimate wellness getaway.

Experience the spiritual transformation
yourself by contacting the team at hello@thepalmtreehouse.com and create your ideal retreat


By Gennah Rodriguez


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