IG Steals: A Compilation of Home Decor We Love Right Now

Our homes are our sanctuaries and this month we’ve worked to compile some home decor inspiration. Below are some of our favorite home designs from Instagram. Open the windows, hang up your favorite plants and welcome soon-to-be spring with these boho-chic vibes we’ve absolutely fallen for!


Carpe Librum: Books as Home Decor

A home will always be the place that lures you in with the song of comfort, space and pure presence. Whether a room, loft or a 9-bedroom mansion, there’s a wealth of inspiration that comes from adorning your surroundings with cherished mementos. And this month we’re celebrating one relic that truly never goes out of style: books.


6 Essential Home Embellishments for August

Wandering spirits seek to be constantly inspired by the vastness of the world and the cultural teachings that the globe has to offer. While we must find a stable nest to call our own, our space can be braided and intertwined with treasures from a far away place. This month, we bring you a diverse set of home essentials, each with a story to tell.


5 Home Decor Pieces for A Spiritual Nest


For souls consumed by wanderlust and a yearning to be inspired, the home becomes a space that should be laced with intricacy and cultural flair. Victory Jewelry and Earthbound Trading Co. bring us the harmony between exploration and home decor with a sense of comfort. In this brief list of transatlantic treasures, find inspiration to transform a static space into one that encompasses the essence of the wandering, bohemian lifestyle.  (more…)