Alana Blanchard Lives Simply and Works Passionately

Professional surfer Alana Blanchard lives by the simple phrase, “be happy.” So what makes this Kauai native happiest? Friends and family, the beach, healthy food, and fitness are at the top of her list.

Lucky for Blanchard, her career on the Associated Surfing Professionals Tour allows her to weave these essential components into her daily life. “I’m very fortunate,” Blanchard said. “I’m not always going to have this job and lifestyle so I’m enjoying it as I go.”

Being a professional surfer means traveling, photo shoots, surfing the world’s best waves. For Blanchard, it also means passionately learning about nutrition. “I’ve been interested from a young age. I was always reading nutrition books and I think having health and wellness knowledge is a crucial thing,” Blanchard said. “I’m also a freak about fitness! I love working out. I try to have a routine everywhere I go. Eating well, surfing, and staying active keeps me sane.”

Having a routine and a strong support system keeps Blanchard grounded while she’s on the road. “I pretty much haven’t unpacked my suitcase this year,” she said. “You just never know where you’ll be called to next.” Aside from her talent in the water, Blanchard is receiving just as much attention for her natural beauty and modeling career. Humble as can be (during our shoot, she stopped to chat and take pictures with a vacationing family who recognized her), her intention is to be a good role model for her ever-growing fan base.

With over millions of followers on Instagram, people around the globe seem gravitate towards her. Blanchard uses social media as a way to connect globally to inspiring people and grab fitness tips. But she also notices social media’s preoccupation with body image and cultivating the ‘perfect’ figure. “There are definitely two sides to social media,” she said. “I try not to pay attention to any of the negative or hurtful comments. I’m surfing and living a healthy life. It’s good for girls to see that you can be active, fit, and feminine. The main thing is to be happy with your body.”

Her strong passion in living an active lifestyle and eating nutritiously has inspired her to obtain her fitness degree and personal training certification when she finds the time. “Right now I’m just enjoying traveling and working on taking my career to the next level,” Blanchard said. “Pushing myself to see what I can do in surfing and fitness. Go with the flow and just have a fun time.”



Alana’s Picks

Favorite Recipe Blog: Oh She Glows.

Travel Essentials: A lot of conditioner! And coconut oil treatments.

Favorite Surfing Buddies: Dad and brothers, my boyfriend Jack Freestone, and my friend Leila Hurst.

Favorite Project: I had a lot of fun with the Sports Illustrated photo shoot. Working with Disfunkshion was really fun too!

By Leslie Schipper


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