5 Home Decor Pieces for A Spiritual Nest


For souls consumed by wanderlust and a yearning to be inspired, the home becomes a space that should be laced with intricacy and cultural flair. Victory Jewelry and Earthbound Trading Co. bring us the harmony between exploration and home decor with a sense of comfort. In this brief list of transatlantic treasures, find inspiration to transform a static space into one that encompasses the essence of the wandering, bohemian lifestyle. 


Amethyst Quartz Crystal Candle Holder

With its sedative energy, the amethyst allows for relaxation, while the lotus blossom shape symbolizes a spiritual awakening. Combining these two elements into a single candle holder creates a space of instant serenity and creativity when lit aflame.

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Large Bali Drum

This large drum from Bali, made from mahogany and goat leather, summons the sights and sounds of Indonesia to your home. This eye-catching find from Southeast Asia will add a touch of cultural finesse to the corner of any abode.

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Calming Stones Pack

A set of four soothing stones from global terrains makes for humble and understated coffee table decor. This quartet contains amethyst, promoting inner balance, relaxation, and an inflow of positive energy. Put them on display together, or sprinkle the gems across your home for a stress-free environment.

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Red and Blue Brass Enamel Bowl

A meticulously crafted bowl from Earthbound Trading Co. presents your home with the vibrancy of India. With delicate floral decal and pops of primary colors, this brass enamel bowl is not easily missed and serves as a perfect place for your most precious jewelry.

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Brass Enamel Elephant

The elephant is regarded as one of the most iconic cultural and religious symbols of India. Representing strength and wisdom, this handmade figure reminds us that our homes should be a place that inspires both capability and curiosity.

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By Alex Kaneshiro

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