6 Essential Home Embellishments for August

Wandering spirits seek to be constantly inspired by the vastness of the world and the cultural teachings that the globe has to offer. While we must find a stable nest to call our own, our space can be braided and intertwined with treasures from a far away place. This month, we bring you a diverse set of home essentials, each with a story to tell.

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Contrastes Shop Basket

Brussels-based home décor curator, Contrastes, combines the old with the new to provide hybrid homes with unique trinkets and ornaments from all walks of life. The woven African basket bowl is a vintage, neutral-toned piece to nest your tiniest day-to-day essentials.

Laura Bird Ceramic Head

Illustrator and potter, Laura Bird, transposes the element of earth into an urban city-dwellers’ homes. Focusing on characters and the narrative behind her work, Laura creates pieces to not only decorate, but to become a part of the dynamic lives we lead. The ceramic head fuses the natural essence of clay and land with the disposition of the human being.

Kaya Kilims Kilim Rug

Kaya Kilim’s technicolor rugs bring together Turkey’s most skilled weavers to create beautiful pieces for users worldwide to lay across their homes. With hours of meticulous effort behind each rug, once in our homes, they remind us to practice both diligence and awareness of our artistic inclinations, as those behind the rugs exemplify through their craft.

Sunshine Tienda African Spoons

Each morning we wake up and head straight for our hot cup of coffee. Trade in your worn-in plastic coffee scooper for the Olivewood Coffee Scoop by Sunshine Tienda, which features a distinctive black and white handle and atypical shape. The scoop measures out the perfect amount of coffee grinds to fuel your day ahead.

The Global Trunk Huipil Pillow

Vintage hand-embroidered huipiles, or Mayan women’s blouses, are repurposed to create pillows to accent the most serene place of the home: the bed. With huipiles sourced throughout tiny villages in Guatemala, The Global Trunk brings us one-of-a-kind works to rest our heads upon each night.

Earthbound Trading Co. Wood Mirror

Earthbound Trading Company is a lifestyle shop that collects treasures from across the globe to inspire the home of a nomadic spirit. The wooden mirror is an earthy spin on a common home décor piece, and is a subtle nod to world exploration in a home that has its roots firmly planted.

By Alexis Kaneshiro

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