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DisfunkshionThe non-formulaic readjustment and restoration of modern culture’s definition of customary “functionality” and “adequate standards.” It’s finding balance, identity and substance in the midst of mundane apathy and muddled social norms while recovering purpose and reinstating hope.


Disfunkshion Magazine is a dynamic movement designed to exhort every woman under the sun to experience the highest standard of living, ultimately leading to the exploration and re-discovery of unceasing gratitude, love for the self and others, peace, truth, patience, service, sisterhood and the evolution of character.

Disfunkshion is vastly committed to stirring the heart, mind and spirit of today’s woman, redefining the standards of beauty and challenging popular culture by proposing provocative platforms of conversation, educating with substantial research, creating unconventionally prolific editorial content and highlighting alternative ways of life around the globe.

Disfunkshion equals EVERY WOMAN…
She is beautifully created, hungry for growth, accepting of all, dethatched from the material, intrigued by the eternal, immeasurably unique and infinitely valuable.

Naturally beautiful fearless woman capable
of more than she dares to believe.

The essence of art, culture and creativity that
lies within her.

She is the end of fashion and the beginning
of style, channeling the inimitable character
emanating from her soul.

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Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez

Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez

Hugette is Disfunkshion’s Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director as well as a life coach and college professor. Naturally and organically enjoying life with her adventurous husband, she enjoys spontaneous travel, journaling, chai tea, world music, incessant reading, sunset surfing and exhorting others to reach greatness.

Suanny Barales Garcia image

Suanny Garcia
Online / Content Editor

Suanny is a Hampshire College graduate with an unrelenting dedication toward empowering women worldwide. She has been working with Disfunkshion since its initial stages, and is now the content editor and publicist. She appreciates progressive ideas, open-minded individuals, meditative solitude and inspiration in its many forms.

Tori Speere
Social Media

Tori is a marketing maven that has been the social media guru and brand expert. As a fashion design graduate from the University of Hawaii, she’s currently working on her own label, stimulated by nature’s awe-inspiring beauty.

Summer Stevens
Editorial Assistant

Summer is a kind soul with an astounding creative capacity. She loves the ocean, adventures and coming up with DIY projects whenever she’s not bottling up coconut water from her backyard for friends.

Nicky Dawkins
Holistic Living Guru

Nicky is a Jamaican-American artist, self-proclaimed smoothie artist, yoga-lover and self-taught nutritionist. She has an affinity for animals, plants, natural foods, homemade beauty products, mind-to-soul connections and all things healthy.

Bryan Switalski Digital Marketing

Bryan Switalski
IT Director

Bryan is a designer, digital marketer and Disfunkshion’s IT director. He’s a life-long student of art, loves creative challenge and explores the depths of the imagination. Bryan currently resides in Honolulu building new businesses and digital experiences within the cyber world.

Gennah Rodriguez

Gennah Rodriguez is a writer and lifestyle coach inspired to help others achieve a glow of happiness from within. She currently lives in Hawaii where she spends her days running marathons, attempting to surf and dressing up like a mermaid.

Caelan Hughes

Caelan is a writer, blogger and mermaid originally from Honolulu, Hawaii and currently writing in various coffee shops in Brooklyn, New York. She has been working on her own blog, Daily Sass, since 2010. Her favorite things include: hand-writing letters, bubble gum, cat-winged eyeliner and writing about herself.

Christina Foret image

Christina Foret

Christina is photographer who loves meeting new people and traveling the world. She captures the magic of love through engagement and wedding photography and is one of the wittiest bloggers around.

Diana Rodelo
Food Guru

Diana is a recipe developer and food stylist who creates innovative culinary art that is easy and delicious using fresh ingredients. When she’s not writing about food you’ll find her photographing dishes or shopping for kitchen props.

Naomi Christie
Staff Photographer

Naomi is a fashion photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Inspired by her impulsive travels, the 60’s and 70’s, and sensual female beauty, she works to showcase the bold vibrant beauty or delicate peace in people. She’s a big lover of rock n’ roll, the ocean, and acai bowls.

Janel Kilnisan
Staff Photographer

Janel is a photography artist with great attention to detail.  The beauty of natural light stimulates her and is usually her main source of lighting and inspiration. Sharing her stories through visual imagery allows her to connect with viewers as well as her subjects.

Yesi Flores
Staff Photographer

Yesi is a fashion and portrait photographer who loves meeting new people, planning creative photographic adventures, and hanging out with her husband. The photography she captures reflects her interest in indie films, the bohemian lifestyle, and attention to detail.

Johan Khalillian columnist for Disfunkshion Fashion Magazine

Johan Khalilian

Johan is an internationally recognized motivational speaker. His audiences vary from TEDx to Tyra Banks.  He has been a special guest on a number of TV and radio shows, including Fox News in the Morning, WLS Radio Chicago, and the critically acclaimed Today Show. Johan can be seen bumping hip-hop down Sunset in Los Angeles, CA.

Jessica Hoffman
Beauty Guru

Jessica loves to explore the world of beauty and bravery as a celebrity makeup artist, hair stylist, writer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and on camera beauty expert. Her heart to empower women, to develop a deep love for humanity and her faith in Jesus fuels everything she does.

Elyssa Czynski

Elyssa is a NYC-based writer getting her MA from NYU in Media Studies. She specializes in music journalism and her work has been featured on popular blogs such as Pop ‘stache and Fake Shore Drive. Elyssa loves Travis Scott, burrata and Mad Men.

Erenia Mitchell

Born in New Orleans, but raised in Hawai’i, Erenia has a love for the city but is an island girl at heart. She received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Hawai’I and now calls Washington D.C. home. Erenia loves reading, writing, fashion, old movies and musicals.

Nicole Ziza Bauer

Nicole is an editor and freelance writer living in Los Angeles. She believes in a good glass of wine, collecting passport stamps, and passionately pursuing that which is true and good. 

Isabella Acker
Music Editor

Izzy is our Music Editor and founder of The Prism Music Group. A dreamer at heart, this wild heart never stops creating and curating culture everywhere she goes.

Pola Bunster
Music Contributor

Pola in an avid music lover and also part of The Prism Music Group. She’s all kinds of cool, quirky and is known for singing in meows.



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