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Trendy Tucson Behind Ellyse Nichole’s Lense

Tucson, Arizona has long been a destination connected to the University of Arizona. The small-town atmosphere, where summer parties and Greek life abound, make it a city with loads of friendly faces and good cheer. Over the years, I have witnessed this historic city go from a predominantly college area to a destination rich in culture, food and memorable experiences. Among Tucson’s many charms are its local gems tussled throughout this colorful backdrop.

Sri Lanka: A Photo Diary

The coast of Sri Lanka is picture-perfect with its lush emerald green jungle that rolls down to the palm tree-lined ocean. Locals gather along the roads with coconut and fruit stalls as their massive smiles and friendly demeanor spread to travelers passing by, reminding them of the pleasures of simple living and human connection. It is a natural paradise beautifully captured by staff photographer, Renae Saxby during her stay at Sunshine Stories Surf and Yoga Retreat.

Sophie Haber Teaches Us How to Wander Without Moving

Each of us is multi-dimensional with stunning facets that reveal our depth, interests, personality, and values. For Sophie Haber, flowing with the nomadic lifestyle allows her to be a photographer, model, collaborator, artist, leader, lover, and a strong community supporter, in any setting. She reveals how her path led by wanderlust has led her to live and love abundantly.

Four Life Lessons I Learned While Backpacking

The truth about backpacking is: it can be intimidating. With all your possessions lying on your shoulders, and your resting place being anything from a hostel mattress to a bus seat, it’s a mystery why people choose to grab their essentials and head for the unknown. It was not until I took the leap of faith through South America that I realized how jam-packed it is with life-lessons that can be applied every single day. Here are a few things I learned on my journey:

Tahiti from the Eyes of a Proud Tahitian

Sky blue waters.  Tranquil landscape.  Bright smiles.  Ia’orana, this is Tahiti. With over 118 islands in Tahiti, officially known as the French Polynesian Islands, is home to the world’s most spectacular sea views, surf breaks, freshest seafood cuisine, finest world-renowned vanilla (mmm), a place where the people are as friendly as the sharks, and, yes ladies, there are pearls galore!

Topanga Canyon: A Hippie Hideaway

In between the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and the beach of Malibu lies the beautiful Topanga Canyon. This magical location intertwines a West Coast surfer vibe with a bohemian spirit to create a vibration unlike that of any other destination. Rustic mountain lodges sing the lyrics of Neil Young, Jim Morrison and Joni Mitchell, all who resided in the Topanga area in the 1960s. The historical creative culture lives on today to provide wanderers the perfect getaway.

Singa Far From Poor

After a long flight, the first thing I am interested in doing is getting OUT of the airport as soon as possible and beginning my fabulous vacation.  But once I arrived at Singapore Changi International Airport, quite possibly the world’s greatest airport, I have changed my tune and found it sad to leave it. What makes an airport so spectacular? 

Bali, Bali, Baile…

With gas prices sky-rocketing to an all-time high these days, and food costs and foreclosure rates on the rise, where can the budget traveler escape to explore the great outdoors while still expanding one’s cultural horizons and lavishing in star-style treatment?  The answer is Bali.