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TAMGA Design Teaches Us How to Create Responsible Fashion Design


  Environmentally and ethically responsible consumption and productions are two of the main themes behind the Canada-based TAMGA Designs. A brainchild of Yana Barankin and Eric Dales, the fashion brand focuses on using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing and production in hopes of influencing the present and future of the fashion industry.

Artifacts With Alora Arnold: Overcoming the Quarter-Life Crisis With Creativity

Artifacts World feature pic

“You make a life out of what you have, not out of what you don’t have,” is the most precious advice I’ve been given this season. It seems that post-grad life is inevitably followed by a quarter-life crisis of sorts. In my own coming to terms with this, I’ve landed on two answers explaining why: because we stop pursuing our passion in order to make a living and because we feel stagnant after a vast period of growth. Here is my advice for this closing cycle of the year and I hope it sets your imagination ablaze: don’t let society or your daily pressures put your creativity in shackles, because following your creative passion is what will set you free from a life of repetition….

Meet the Canvas: Shadé Akanbi

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Shadé Akanbi is more than a fashionable woman with a story, her wardrobe has a history of its own. Her style is an organized chaos of vibrant colors and textural patterns. There is an effortless way to how she throws together a patterned jacket, gilded vest and her daily stack of bracelets. Shadé has traveled extensively, and her travels have greatly affected her style and philosophy on clothing.

Meet the Canvas: Alaska Mangialetto

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Creative curator, Alaska Mangialetto is taking “Miamiland” by storm with her movement in the arts through vocal fashion. Alaska’s journey of living outside of the box began at a young age. Her fantasy world became a reality the day she experienced a bedroom curtain come to life at a sleepover with her fashion-forward aunt: “She pulled tulle from the curtain, wrapped it around me and created an outfit. I was so fascinated by that.”

Pandeia: Follow Your Inner Compass

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Many concepts start where you least expect them to.  Just continuing your love for vintage, fashion, or designing on a daily basis wouldn’t call for an extraordinary day but, for Kelsi it was the start of a new journey in her life.  This journey will change the way we tell time, fashionably.  A piece that was made of left over leather straps, a brass buckle off an old purse, and a pocket compass sundial. 

Easy Like a Bohemian Sunday Morning

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Georga Leisemann, creator of luxe boutique website Bohemian Sundays, has always been a coastal girl at heart. Growing up in Bundaberg, Queensland Australia, she relocated to study art in Brisbane, and eventually followed her coastal roots to the Sunshine Coast. It was on the coast that she truly found herself as an artist. “I decided the Sunshine Coast was the place for me – I have never looked back,” she says.