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5 Home Decor Pieces for A Spiritual Nest

  For souls consumed by wanderlust and a yearning to be inspired, the home becomes a space that should be laced with intricacy and cultural flair. Victory Jewelry and Earthbound Trading Co. bring us the harmony between exploration and home decor with a sense of comfort. In this brief list of transatlantic treasures, find inspiration to transform a static space into one that encompasses the essence of the wandering, bohemian lifestyle. 

5 Favorite Earthbound Trading Co. Items for Your Nest

The immense desire to explore may motivate you to travel but it may also cause an inner struggle to find balance. While the nomadic spirit drives the need for cultural exploration, obligations and financial responsibilities may prevent such actions. Luckily, Earthbound Trading Company brings beautiful foreign treasures to you through their website and local store offerings.

Nesting with Ally

Ally Sands, the designer behind Aquarian Soul on Etsy, shows us a quick and exciting glimpse of her incredible home. Her work varies from making jewelry to crafting dream catchers, to creating embroidery designs. There is much love instilled in her space, which warms the soul, and creates a space of sacredness. Ally is an inspiration to the dreamers, lovers and gypsy souls.