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Getting To Know You Before Love

Slow. The word itself glows if you give your eyes a moment with it — not exactly the most typed-out word in my emails and text conversations.  Frustration is often my initial reaction when I text or type the word “slow,” usually coupled with grumbling disappointment for something being “too slow.”  It’s as if my secret mantra is, “if it takes a while, then it is not worth my time or my energy.”

An Open Letter From a Wife Who Married Young-Ish

Twenty-four is an interesting age. Depending on the age of whom you ask, 24 year-olds are either just starting to get their lives together, or just starting to figure out all they lack. Truthfully, that could be said for any 20-something age, but I think twenty-four in particular holds a certain sophomoric gumption that slowly wanes as one approaches 30.

Feelin’ Yourself? 5 Roads Leading to Self Love

With the new year upon us, it’s fitting to stretch ourselves into a few new practices.  Twenty sixteen can surprise us, even by its numerical messages. One of the greatest spiritual meanings of the number sixteen is, drumroll please: l-o-v-e-!  Let’s peek into the ways we can focus this statement of love inwardly to, in turn, outwardly love those around us.

A Technological Love Story with a Happy Ending

This time last year, I was probably scrolling through Facebook looking at photos of all my ex-boyfriends… with their wives and kid, or standing alone outside of Walgreens explaining to strangers in the Redbox line, “My roommates are going to watch this with me,” or trying to get the cheese sample worker at Costco to be my best friend. Whatever I was doing, I was adamant that online dating was a desperate move and a level of low that I was not willing to stoop to. Online dating is for people who are not good at real life – not people like me.


The end of a relationship can be one of the most painful situations we face. Whether it was a friendship, long-term partnership or marriage – when minds, bodies and spirits have connected sometimes it’s tough to let go. We don’t always get a clear answer as to why things end and can struggle with a lack of closure; other times its unhealthy behavior patterns that hold us back. Don’t let heartbreak rule your next breakup – read on to discover five reasons why you can’t move on, with some suggestions for working towards becoming a healthier, happier you instead.   Lack of Closure Loss hurts. Letting go of an intimate relationship that ended for whatever reason is hard – after all you invested a lot…