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What No One Tells You About Motherhood

Motherhood is a role that comes with innumerable intricacies. While many women feel it’s their divine purpose to nourish and give life, others abstain from having children altogether. There is no wrong choice, and only one certainty: motherhood looks different to all of us. While there’s an overabundance of shared sentiments on the ways in which having a child will enrich a woman’s life, not so much light is given to the more challenging parts of motherhood, the part mothers themselves often feel reluctant to speak about. Oftentimes, descriptions of motherhood are not unlike an Instagram feed where users only share their picture-perfect moments but rarely discuss the difficult parts.

The Art of Reaching Out: How Two Average Girls Started a Movement With Florence Welch

Dear reader, when was the last time you wrapped yourself in the pages of a paperback and became lost in its narrative? For centuries the print book has been whatever we’ve needed it to be — a record keeper, a translator, a glimpse into another culture, a portal into the human mind, a time capsule, and a way of saving those words that burn brightest in our hearts, whose fire is integral to our development.

Meet the Mother-Daughter Duo Owners of Ethical Jewelry Company Tess + Tricia

As a mother-daughter team making ethically produced jewelry with an organic and natural aesthetic, Tess and Tricia is a brand worth lauding. Tessa, the daughter and Patricia, the mother, always dreamed of running a business together. With Tess’s creativity and design skills, Tricia’s business experience, and their shared love of jewelry, the brand officially launched in 2013 in Minnesota.

1 Headband = 3 Meals at Banded

As the cliché goes, “every bit counts,” we’ve all heard it before. Whether it was used to get you to volunteer your time, donate money, or vote, we’ve all come across the plea for help. Maybe more often than not we’ve dismissed the thought for hearing it over and over again, not taking into account the cause that is being asked before us.

Beyond Tiffany Toothman’s Exterior Structure

This entrepreneurial mastermind has got the combination of being a mother and Co-CEO of Elevate Structure down to a science. It’s not difficult to be in awe of Tiffany Toothman. Her list of accomplishments boasts a range of roles within engineering, the latest being Co-Owner/Founder of Elevate Structure, a company that creates innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable constructions.

One Woman Led by Love Moves Mountains

She’s the type of person that is calling you sister before she’s even met you in person, she’s just that great.  She’s full of a desire to assist and provide for those around her, and she’s changing the world – through storytelling. For Sarah Davison-Tracy, her life story starts off with joyful memories of tea parties, family dinners, play dates with her sisters, and her father building a playhouse.