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3 DIY Moisturizers for Different Skin Types

Most skin products sold in stores today are filled with artificial preservatives and other chemicals that are not good for skin — moisturizers are no exception.  In this industry inundated with toxin skin products, it can be challenging to find something natural for you skin, especially for your specific skin type. But sometimes, all you have to do is look around your kitchen.

A Real Statement by a Real Woman

Who am I? My name is Lauren Rudick. I am an international yoga teacher. I travel around our globe offering specialty yoga classes, running retreats and teaching at festivals and conferences. Currently, my home base is a tiny beach town in Costa Rica. Basically, I live in my bathing suit. I surf daily, I teach yoga daily, and I practice yoga daily. I love to eat and sometimes I cry. I am a woman.

How to Care for Down There

Yes ladies, it’s time to talk about our vaginas. Our vagary’s and who-ha’s or whatever you feel comfortable calling it. We are constantly reminded about taking care of our hearts, working out and doing regular breast exams, but what about our most precious and powerful body part? Our vagina’s are important. Understanding how they work and how to care from them properly is the key to having a healthy vagina, high self-esteem and happy sex life.

White and Bright: DIY Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Whiteners

There has been much controversy over the use of fluoride since its introduction over 40 years ago. Our U.S. government recently admitted that they have been overdosing us with fluoride in our water supply – whether we like it our not. Although the government made claims that fluoride helped to fight tooth decay, the FDA had actually never fully supported those claims. It has now been proven that fluoride overdose leads to “dental fluorosis” which is a chalky build up on your teeth, as well as other side effects including gastric pain, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. Many of today’s name brands that are ADA-Accepted contain fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate. Yikes! But don’t fear! You can actually create your own chemical free toothpaste at home…

Radiant Skin from the Inside out

When mother told us that beauty comes from the inside, she was right. Although genetics definitely play a part in fostering healthy skin, the lifestyle choices and foods we consume also have a significant effect. What many of us fail to realize is that what we put inside our body is reflected on the outside. The right foods can help us fight wrinkles, reduce acne, combat dehydration and enhance our skin’s natural beauty.

Bra Size: The Age Old Enigma

Although it’s a daily worn item, a staggering eighty percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. From oversized bras that seem too loose, to shoving one’s breasts into a bra that’s a few sizes too small, and everything in between, finding the perfect brassiere is much more difficult than we tend to realize. Incorrect sizes defeat the purpose of wearing a bra, which function is to support.

Stress Relief: There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel

From the pressures brought on to us by our jobs, the overwhelming amounts of studying in school, and dealing the relationships with others in our lives, stress is bound to happen. Deadlines, expectations, problems, and personal issues can often send us over the edge to the point in which we’re losing sleep at night over the amount of stresses in our lives.

Growing Addiction

When I Grow Up I Want To Be An Alcoholic.  Well, Not Really. I don’t know about you, but according to my family, as a toddler my biggest dilemma was trying to decide whether I wanted to be an M & Mä or a bunny when I grew up.  Such are the burdens of a single digit age-dom. While I can’t recall this childish quandary with any precision, I can say with absolute certainty that I never ran around saying, “When I grow up, I want to be an alcoholic.”

The Exhaustion Epidemic

When you awake to the annoying buzz in your ear, is your first thought to reach for a cup of Joe? Have you ever picked up a caffeinated beverage when you were feeling lethargic? Could it be that you are addicted to caffeine? Then you are just one of about 80 percent of the world’s population who consume the most commonly used psychoactive drug on a daily basis.