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What’s Right with the World: Uplifting Stories and Hope for the Soul


In wake of incessant bad news and unconscious human behavior, the Editorial Team at Disfunkshion has gathered inspiring stories, and words of wisdom, with the effort to showcase a higher human consciousness that is ever-present in the world, but not often allotted media exposure. Every month we will be featuring some of the most compelling stories circulating around the internet…

Risa Marie’s Natural Mystic

Risa Feature image

Self-proclaimed daydreamer, collector, mermaid, tea enthusiast, lover of nature, and gypsy soul, Risa Marie has captured the eyes and hearts of many through her inspiring collection of nature-filled photos on her social media platforms. How exactly did she get to where she is? The dynamic and alluring blogger lets us in on her life, beginning with a tiny Northern…

Refreshing Watermelon Salad

Watermelon salad Feature image22

This refreshing watermelon salad has all sorts of flavors and textures in one — from sweet watermelon, to crunchy almonds, to decadent cheese and tangy vinaigrette. Enjoy this as a side dish accompanied by protein or as a light lunch on a breezy summer day. Ingredients 6 cups of watermelon [appx 3 lbs] 1/2 cup of fresh Italian parsley…

Stars Aligned

Stars Aligned Feature image

Dress: Jen’s Pirate Booty // Kimono & Afghan Kuchi Jewelry : Odd Lovin’  Jumpsuit: Odd Lovin’ // Afghan Kuchi Headpiece & Jewelry: Odd Lovin’ Kimono &  Afghan Kuchi Necklace: Odd Lovin’ Dress: Jen’s Pirate Booty // Afghan Kuchi Jewelry: Odd Lovin’ Photographer: Isabell N. Wedin Styling: Tuva Minna Linn at Odd Lovin’ Hair & Make-Up: Anna Mirow Model:…

Alma de la Selva

OJ and Cigs Feature image

“Blogger? I’ve been struggling with the label…” says Jana Rose Carrero from the style blog, OJ and Cigs. As a multifaceted woman, visual experimenter, music and art enthusiast, Jana feels most at home in her contemplative state, creating visual art. An ease is felt in her presence as she opens up about her drive and passions,…

Desert Dreams

Coyote companion Feature image

EDITORIAL CREDITS:  Photographer & Co-Creative Director: Emilynn Rose // IG: @EmilynnRose Artist/Model & Co – Creative Director: Quigley  // IG:OfficiallyQuigley Clothing: Spell Byron Bay // IG: @Spell_ByronBay Shoes: PS Kaufman // IG: @PsKaufman Hats: Gladys Tames Millinery  // IG: @Gladys_Tamez_Millinery

3 DIY Moisturizers for Different Skin Types

Moisturinzers fro different body parts Feature image

Most skin products sold in stores today are filled with artificial preservatives and other chemicals that are not good for skin — moisturizers are no exception.  In this industry inundated with toxin skin products, it can be challenging to find something natural for you skin, especially for your specific skin type. But sometimes, all you have to do is…

Coastal Traveler

Coastal Traveler Feature image

Clothes: Vintage Clothes: Vintage Coat: BB DAKOTA  Dress: Again Collection Dress: Sloane Rouge Editorial Credits Photography & Creative Direction: Alex Kromer //  www.alexkromer.com // @kromeyyy Model: Megan Ozurovich // @pixiepropoganda Makeup: Rachelle Llanes //  www.rachellellanes.com // @rachellellanes Hair: Junie Kang using Bumble & Bumble Wardrobe and Prop Styling: Shane Hobley All Jewelry Provided By: M By Magnolia…

Bondi Bohemian

Bomdi Bohemian Feature image

Top: The Freedom State // Skirt: Kate Sylvester // Jewelry: Lost Lover Playsuit: Alice McCall // Belt and jewelry: Lost Lover Top: Alice McCall // Lingerie: Pleasure State // Neck cuff:  The Freedom State // Belt, bracelet and rings: Lost Lover Bra: Nico Underwear // Skirt: Kate Sylvester // Jewelry: Lost Lover Bra: Belle Fance // Skirt: The Freedom State // Jewelry: Lost Lover Dress:…

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