Lessons We’ve Learned: Prism Creative Group Biz Tips

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but having a vision you’re passionate about is enough to keep you going through the tough times and the wins. We don’t all have someone to help us through it, especially the times we’re totally unprepared for, but as a means to help anyone out there looking to turn a dream into an impactful reality, here are some lessons we’ve learned after almost a decade of going solo:

1. Be flexible to change your vision. Sometimes when you’re in the deep of it all, it’s hard to see the bigger picture and that the real calling is something much bigger than yourself. A great way of discovering new paths is by being open to collaboration at every turn. We know that when you’re in love with an idea, sharing it might seem hard or scary, but there are fewer people who can actually hurt you than those who can open the doors to greater opportunities by working together.

2. On that note, traveling is essential. It may feel like a big spend or investment of your time even when there’s a lot happening and too much to do, but taking a trip to a new place helps you see things with completely new eyes. The inspirations and ideas that come from being in a new environment are endless and give your work a more conscious profundity than when you stay stagnant.

3. Whatever you feel drawn to as your purpose, you should dedicate time to discovering how that can be turned into rewarding work rather than working on something you’re not passionate about. Choose your paid projects or clients not for money, but for their end goals. When you align your work with your passions, you not only accomplish your own dreams, but you help others accomplish theirs.

4. No matter how busy it gets, always remember to take time for yourself. We’re all busy, and as entrepreneurs, you’re reaching for time you don’t have. But sometimes it’s better to cancel that meeting or a phone call so you can take that yoga class or plan a trip you’ve been in need of.

5. Perfect your craft. Get really good at the thing that you do and get to know it as best and as deeply as you can. Learn the history, become a regular in the scene, dedicate as much time as possible to becoming a master in whatever it is you do and people will respect you for that priceless knowledge.

6. Good music can get you through anything. Keep that playlist updated for all the sad, stressful, and even happy times.

Hope this clears some fear and inspires you to go at it full force. Remember, help is everywhere!

By Pola Bunster for Prism Creative Group

Feature image by Daniela Leon

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