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What’s a Macrobiotic Diet?

The macrobiotic approach and diet is currently #trending and with good reason. It promises a healthier, more holistic life for women and men, and encourages a deeper connection with the food we consume. Macrobiotic foods are an incredibly delicious complement to a balanced lifestyle.

First, there’s the theory… the macrobiotic theory is based on the idea that all things should be balanced. Our bodies consist of two types of energy, yin and yang. In food, yin refers to the expansive, cold, and moistening foods, while yang refers to the contracting, warm, and drying foods. A typical diet in the United States is usually too much of one of these, and not balanced in either, whereas a macrobiotic diet is a balance of these two energies, which promotes healing and allows the body to eliminate toxins, resulting in less illness and disease. The theory does not promote any one way of eating or living, but rather allows for flexibility depending on what works for the individual.

Then, there’s the diet… the macrobiotic diet is rich in whole grains and fresh vegetables and avoids any high sugar, dairy, meat, and processed foods. The idea is that when you eat these whole, unrefined and unprocessed foods, you’ll be able to maintain good physical and spiritual health and live in harmony with nature. This is not a low-carb diet, nor is it a fad, it stems from the Japanese culture and has been around for hundreds of years.

A macrobiotic staple item is the macro plate. The macro plate can consist of brown rice, beans, seaweed, steamed kale, carrot, broccoli, and steamed kabocha squash. Tofu or salmon topping adds an extra bit of protein and it can be topped off with a creamy dressing. The best part about this meal is that you don’t have to worry about portions or quality. There’s not too much or too little of anything. I encourage you to try to make your own macro plate for dinner tonight. It’s warming, grounding, and delicious.

By Tara Milhem // The Whole Tara  // @TheWholeTara // TheWholeTara is Tara’s own collection of health and travel tips and guides for a healthy & balanced lifestyle. Tara is a travel-loving recipe developer, photographer, yoga instructor, and author with a degree in Food and Nutrition.