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Surf Spray: Make Waves All Year Round

While spring is drawing closer and summer is anxiously awaiting its debut, we are all already prepping and priming through these last winter weeks. There is nothing that compares to the good vibe of a salty summer day, and nothing more gorgeous than those beach babe waves. Something about a textured, tousled head of hair makes us feel like summer has truly arrived. Whether you’re blessed enough to achieve this look from the sea and surf itself, or if it’s concocted in your kitchen from this recipe, there’s no doubt your sexy salty waves will turn heads this year.

What you’ll need:

Warm Water – 1 cup

Sea Salt (finely ground) – 1 tbs.

Coconut Oil – ½ tsp.

Hair Gel – ½ tsp.

Measuring cup, teaspoon and tablespoon

Empty spray bottle

What you’ll do:

  1. Pour the warm water into your empty spray bottle.
  2. Add your sea salt, coconut oil and hair gel.
  3. Replace the spray bottle nozzle and SHAKE!!!!

To achieve the look:

Flip your damp or dry head of hair upside down and mist your locks with the Surf Spray. Scrunch your hair upward towards the roots, adding more spray if necessary. Flip your head back over and bask at the sight of your tropical tresses. No heat or additional products are necessary, but this recipe can be adjusted to fit your personal hair care needs! If the salt is too drying, try adding a small amount of coconut scented conditioner to the bottle or slightly increasing the amount of coconut oil.

The countdown for summer might be on, but who says we can’t look like we just came in off some killer waves while we wait, right?!

By: Amanda Hawes // Image by: Janel Kilnisan