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Ocean Ramsey on a Mission to Save Marine Life

Life’s most influential women have discovered the undeniable truth, we are part of a force far beyond our own existence, and these individuals are willing to do everything in their power to protect it. Ocean Ramsey is one of the remarkable few using her voice, and pursuing her passion to help make a difference in our world.


As a marine biologist, professional scuba instructor and competitive free-diver, Ocean Ramsey is a woman of many roles. Yet, despite her various pathways to success, she is fully aware of her true purpose and calling in life — shark conservation.

Today, many shark species are on the brink of extinction, and it is Ramsey’s mission to protect these astonishing animals by sharing her very own harmonious interactions with sharks in their natural environment.

“While swimming with Great Whites is a thrilling and inspiring experience, my interaction with sharks is absolutely driven by my greater goal to advocate shark conservation. Many people fear sharks and have unfortunately only seen them portrayed on TV and in films as mindless man-eating machines. In truth, sharks are intelligent, calculated, and generally very cautious about approaching humans. More importantly, sharks play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ocean ecosystem and are being over-fished to the point of extinction,” said Ramsey.

With an extensive amount of knowledge in animal behavior and years of experience in the water, Ramsey’s passion for sharks eventually led her to begin the marine conservation group, Water Inspired. The focus of her non-profit conservation organization is to inspire people to take an interest in protecting and preserving our marine life. Ramsey believes that through the power of her voice and modern-day technology, she is able to share the latest conservation efforts in order to encourage the world to protect our waters.

“Seeing is believing. It’s the natural beauty of marine animals in the environment, and seeing the latest field research, that gets people interested in saving these important animals,” explains Ramsey.

The media hype surrounding sharks often displays them as villains of the ocean, when in reality, they play a key role in our marine ecosystem. Sharks function as the white blood cells of the ocean and it is their job to pick off the dead, dying, and weak leaving only the healthiest to reproduce.

“This marine ecosystem affects us all. We depend on sharks to be there, to serve their evolutionary process — and yet, at the same time, we’ve killed 90% of their population mainly, through shark finning.” The practice of shark finning is an unfortunate waste of life and at the rate these magnificent animals are being killed off, they will not be around much longer to serve their purpose in our environment.

“Knowing what I do, growing up the way that I did, having had all the amazing experiences that I have — what kind of a person would I be if I didn’t speak up for sharks, if I didn’t speak up for those without a voice, ” expressed Ramsey.

In hopes to educate, inspire, and inform the public about shark behavior, Ocean also provides the opportunity to experience your very pelagic dive with sharks. Be sure to schedule your unforgettable encounter at www.oneoceandiving.com. To learn more about Ocean’s story, while helping preserve and protect our sharks, visit her website at www.waterinspired.com.

By Gennah Rodriguez