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A Primal Passion Turned Success

Over the last few months, I’ve been rocking slightly-stinky, and sometimes totally-banging body odor. Why? I’ve vowed to stay away from self-care products laced with chemicals. Much to the distress of those who get a whiff on a bad day, wearing natural deodorant has become a non-negotiable.

While my ‘natural-deodorant-armpit-stench-dilemma’ surely sounds familiar to anyone on a similar mission, it doesn’t have to be that way. Enter, Primally Pure natural deodorants to save the nostrils of the nearest passerby.

Primally Pure’s owner, Bethany McDaniel, started the company after venturing down the challenging road of natural deodorants and then deciding to concoct her own. Eager not to offend others with B.O., she has dedicated years to tediously researching the ingredients and formulations that are most effective, gentle and non-toxic. 

Primally Pure deodorants are handcrafted, aluminum-free, made only with organic ingredients and pure essential oils, won’t irritate your skin and are widely praised as actually, truly able to control odor.

Aside from amazing products, the Primally Pure story of passion, purpose, family, and faith, is also awe-inspiring. Bethany’s journey fully illustrates the notion that positive energy and good, substantive intentions, surely bear abundant fruit and create fulfilling success. In the three short years since its launch, Primally Pure has blossomed and thrived beyond her wildest dreams and is still growing.

It all began four years ago when she and her husband left their home in Arizona to help his parents run Primal Pastures, their newly birthed organic livestock farm in California. That move was a testament of commitment to family, and also a great leap of faith pulling them to trust that the farm would soon be able to provide them with an income.

The couple’s dedication to that family dream began to spawn a new, unexpected passion in their hearts. Primal Pastures’ values of responsible, sustainable living quickly transformed Bethany’s views on skincare, health and beauty. Intent on changing her beauty routine, she began concocting products at home, using only organic ingredients.

When the demand for her formulations grew beyond family and friends, Bethany moved on to selling them on the farm’s website. Customers fell in love immediately, and within a few short months, she was able to launch her own brand and website. That brand, Primally Pure, is a line of skincare products that utilize only real, natural, recognizable ingredients, and fittingly borrows its name from the farm where it all began.

Since then, Primally Pure has grown in leaps and bounds seemingly overnight.

It has been a purely organic ride, free of investors, building from strength-to-strength on a momentum driven simply by quality, the effectiveness of its offerings and Bethany’s zealous attention to detail.

Bethany recalls the early days, not too long ago, when she wearisomely hand wrote each shipping label herself. In the beginning, Primally Pure was an exhilarating, yet taxing, one-woman show, with her home as its base.

The business’ expansion came along with the birth of Bethany’s first child. With a new baby on the way, she knew she’d either have to downsize or expand to create balance between home and work. Bethany found her answer in deep prayer and reflection. She decided to expand, and since then, she says she’s been met with solutions, connections and divine guidance every step of the way. Today, Primally Pure continues to thrive, and now runs out of a formal office and workspace, and has a team of 13 employees.

Primally Pure’s success in such a short period is surely tied to the strong values that permeate every area of its operations. It is strengthened by a firm community of like-minded people who share the belief that natural living optimizes health, self-care is of utmost importance for a fulfilled life, and that doing what you love is the basis of true happiness.

Challenges have never stopped Bethany’s progress. Though a passion project, Primally Pure also started out of a need for income when her husband wasn’t yet able to take a salary from the farm. Her passion, she says, allowed her to navigate and conquer this and the many, many other challenges she faced along the way. That passion has also given her stamina to juggle the oftentimes strenuous demands of new motherhood and being an entrepreneur.

Bethany believes that if we dedicate time and energy to the gifts, passions, and dreams God puts in all of our hearts, instead of pushing them aside, we’ll be led to a life we love. With Primally Pure, she says she put all her trust in God, who she believes placed the passion she has for the business in her heart and allows the right people and situations to come along at the right time.

Bethany is determined to always lead her team with purpose and heart.

She infuses these life lessons into each Primally Pure product and wants most of all to help people be healthier and happier through all she offers. Primally Pure deodorants, for example, are best-sellers that have been carefully crafted with the finest natural ingredients to deliver the kind of results long expected of their conventional counterparts, while providing extraordinary health benefits such as detoxification and skin protection. Bethany spends much time refining and reconfiguring each product to ensure it consistently meets the high standards she is resolute in delivering.

The Primally Pure journey has only just begun. Its roots have been planted in nurturing the soil, and as it continues to grow and bloom, Bethany is determined to always lead her team with purpose and heart. That love can be felt in the nurturing decadence that lives in Primally Pure products. In each package, you’ll find the aliveness of nature and Bethany’s intentions of healing, joy, and peace. Undoubtedly, those are the best ingredients for true indulgence.

Written by Kinisha Correia