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The Perfect Summer Treat: Kiwi & Strawberry Frozen Parfait

Are you ready for the summer? This take on a vegan nice-cream frozen parfait is the perfect way to cool off in these hot days. Sweet strawberries paired with tart kiwi’s make this four-ingredient dessert a must try!Ingredients

Serves 2

6 frozen kiwis {skin off & flesh scooped out}

9 frozen strawberries {discard leaf & wash}

1/2 cup of coconut water or coconut milk

2 teaspoons of agave syrup or honey

Diana Rodelo CopyrightsDiana Rodelo CopyrightsTools

Nutri-bullet, blender or food processor

Cutting board

2 small bowls


2 zip-lock bags or 2 medium size containers for storage

2 spoons for assembly

2 small to medium glass cups for serving

Storage Prep

Place the washed strawberries & kiwi flesh into separate plastic containers or bags. The main purpose for freezing them separately is to not mix the colors but to blend the greens and reds separately so we can assemble the parfait into colored sections when ready to serve. Freeze the fruits overnight or for a minimum of two hours.


Once the fruits have frozen, remove them from the freezer and separate them into the two small bowls (one bowl green, another bowl red). In your blender pour in your ¼ cup of coconut water or coconut milk with the frozen strawberries and one teaspoon of agave syrup. Blend until smooth. Once blended pour in the frozen smooth strawberry nice-cream onto the same strawberry bowl and place into the freezer until ready to assemble. Wash your blender clean to prepare the batch of kiwi nice-cream. Pour in your blender the other ¼ cup of the remaining coconut water or coconut milk, the frozen kiwi flesh and the remainder of the one teaspoon of agave syrup or honey. Blend until smooth. Pour your kiwi frozen nice-cream onto the bowl were the kiwi was placed before and prepare for assembly.


Place your two frozen ice cream bowls next to the serving glasses for faster assembly. With one spoon scoop out the kiwi frozen ice cream and place it at the bottom of the serving glass, compress it with the back of your spoon to get a flat surface for the next layer. Take another clean spoon and scoop out the strawberry frozen ice cream and place it on top of the kiwi layer and compress it to make another flat layer. Remember, you can scoop out as much of the strawberry ice cream as you’d like to have for the middle section, remembering to leave some for the other serving glass. Once your two layers are done repeat this step using your kiwi frozen ice cream for your last layer. Repeat same steps for the next serving glass [see picture].

Serve and enjoy!

Diana Rodelo CopyrightsRecommendations 

You can top these frozen parfaits with sliced strawberries, sliced or cubed kiwis and you can even add a little crunch by adding granola, nuts and even chunks of dark chocolate or goji berries.

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