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The Passion and Poise of Camila Banus

Camila Banus is a woman with a joyful, vivacious, and passionate presence, alluring an audience both on-screen and off. The vigor and versatility of actress Camila is infectious, and exactly what her fans look to her for as “tough Latina” Gabi Hernandez, of Days of Our Lives.

Blending both her own life and that of the woman she plays, Camila is able to pour her energy and expression into the wild range of scenarios that soap operas are notorious for. Having spent nearly a decade on soap operas, Camila explains, “I have learned to be aware and open. To express in many different forms and to always fight for myself and my talent.” Her mother has done the same for her and her sister, as she encourages them to champion their ideas and ambitions. She admits, “My mom made sure we were set to succeed. Whether it was with a West African dance class or a Spanish literature class (apart from school by the way!). We [my sister and I] have always loved learning new things and it was because she [our mom] would introduce us to new things daily.”

Their strong family bond and cultural connection is integral to her success because “coming from Cuban roots, where they [my family] had to leave their own country for liberty and freedom — It inspires me that they did everything possible to have a better life and I am trying to do the same!” The support of her family, alongside Camila’s natural curiosity and adaptability as an actor, allows her to convey her emotions candidly. She goes on to explain, “When it comes to emotional scenes this is tricky and funny in my case because I am a really sensitive person — I would say too sensitive so I cry and get emotional in a lot of different situations. A scene where I see my co-star in a hospital bed all tubed up, and he plays my brother… All I had to do was a take look at him in that bed and the tears were there. It’s easy for me to feel.”

Having experience in both film and television, Camila values versatility in artistry. For anyone looking to get into acting, she offers her biggest piece of advice, “Do theater first! If you can handle that, then do it some more and more and more. Get into class, learn some history, learn methods of acting, watch films (not only American) and most importantly act every single day.” With her strong work ethic and commitment to her craft, Camila wants to be remembered, “as an actor and as an artist. For my beauty and glamour (that old Hollywood glamour that we need to bring back!), for my commitment and for my passion.”

Both her passion and her energy fuel her desire to continue to act. As she looks to the future, Camila playfully adds, “I would really love to pursue film. That is where my heart lies and what I have always wanted. If I had a choice, could I be in a movie with Jim Carrey? That’s all I want!”

words by Leah “Lou” Zorn


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