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One Tribe Apparel: Adorn Your Bohemian Soul

“Vibrant, intricate, and colorful” are just a few words used to describe the beautiful designs by One Tribe Apparel. What started off with eight designs of harem pants has quickly turned into an abundance of stylish pieces to feed bohemian souls.

The brand is inspired by the lifestyle and spirit of Pai, a little town located in Northern Thailand, where many visitors leave with a newfound appreciation and inspiration that lasts a lifetime. Everything from its music, art, nature, and ambiance has the ability to transform outlooks from all walks of life. “We reflect Pai in our apparel by using a bright color palette to capture the diversity of our surroundings. This is on full display with our signature harem pants, which come in a unique array of color combinations and patterns. We also focus on comfort as Pai is a place where you start the morning relaxing with a book in a hammock, spend the afternoon hiking and swimming and the evening with friends listening to live music,” states co-founder Ryan O’Connor.

The harem pants, also known as genie or hippie pants, carry the heart of Thailand in their very core as they are handcrafted in its mountains. They are sold in six distinct styles and are best used for festivals, yoga, traveling, lounging, and anytime you seek comfort. “When someone slips on a pair of our harem pants for the first time we want it to feel like the stress of the world falls off their shoulders. We’re all about nurturing an inner sense of relaxation and satisfaction,” shares Suzette Williams, who works with their Thai artists on the designs and manufacturing.

Because the brand’s message is so strong and authentic, they’ve harvested an audience that only keeps growing. For those who want to start their own business, O’Connor advises to “start off by building a social media presence in the niche you’re interested in. This could be an Instagram where you curate your favorite clothes and styles or a YouTube channel where you review and put together outfits (or both).” For One Tribe Apparel, its initial marketing tactics began at festivals, however, these days they find themselves collaborating with individuals who share the same values from all over the world and have created real relationships with them.

The brand is also very involved with their local charities. For every item sold in the store, $1.00 is donated to the Elephant Nature Park located near One Tribe Apparel’s headquarters. The park has been dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating elephants for 20 years. But their commitment doesn’t stop there; they are looking forward to providing the staff with One Tribe Apparel garments and developing monthly features to keep readers up-to-date with the park.

Since their launch in 2013, the brand has expanded to boho bags, crochet tops, Aladdin pants, kimonos, and their newest items–the elephant yoga mat straps. This year, they will be traveling to South America to connect with local artisans and work on creating new products. Their website is also dedicated to providing a platform by sharing stories of those who are on their own spiritual journey through their International Crowdsourced Lookbook. The garments can be seen and worn all over the world; from Spain to Russia to Alaska, all connected by One Tribe Apparel.

By Gisel Habibnejad