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The Mermaid Way: 3 Habits to Make the Most out of Your Morning

Life guru’s including Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo are known to preach the value of becoming a morning person. Growing research shows making the most of your precious time at the initial jump-off of your day results in a more productive work ethic, a clear creative mind, and improvement in your overall well-being. Early risers feel more in control of their lives and generally exhibit character traits that are more optimistic and proactive than night owls.

There is no denying the fact: how you choose to spend your morning sets the overall energy for your day. By making it a focus to begin the a.m. with a spark of passion, you are able to carry that positive energy throughout the day, eventually falling into an effortless flow.

Rather than hitting the snooze only to wake up in a chaotic frenzy, here are my top three tips to rise and shine, the mermaid way.

  1. Have a Dance Party

Jumping out of bed with a little shimmy and a shake is the ultimate way to easily fall into the groove of your day. Morning dance parties help you conquer the day in a more energized and open-minded kind of way. Dancing has been proven to boost energy levels, improve fitness and overall confidence. The more time you spend shaking it out in the morning means the more time spent triggering your brain to open the feel-good floodgates.

  1. Give Thanks

30 seconds is all it takes to breathe in deeply and show appreciation for this life. From the moment we open our eyes, it seems as if the thoughts in our mind become a never-ending to-do list. So before you get all caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day, take some time to give thanks for the roof over your head, the love in your heart and the pot of coffee you are about to drink.

  1. Make the Bed

Growing up kicking, screaming and straight-up refusing to accomplish such a simple chore has influenced us to underestimate the potential of happiness that comes from making a bed. Studies have shown that taking the time to straighten out your tangled mess of blankets and pillows, provides an instant boost to daily productivity. Although the chore may seem minor, you can’t help but to feel empowered by the spirit of accomplishment.

Laura Vanderkam author of, What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast writes:

“Learning to use our mornings well is, in our distracted world, what separates achievement from madness. Before the rest of the world is eating breakfast, the most successful people have already scored daily victories that are advancing them toward the lives they want.”

These habits of dance parties and making the bed may seem minor, however, they are a reminder it’s the little things in life that lead to a greater difference. While it’s admirable to have goals and strive for outstanding success, how you choose to live each day is what generates the creation of it all. With each new day comes a fresh opportunity for change, as well as a chance to grow into an even better version of the person you were before.

By Gennah Rodriguez