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More than Meets the Eye with Alli Simpson

Beginning her days with a cup of coffee, Alli Simpson is just like us. However, not all of us have a successful blog, YouTube channel, radio show and singing career. Success and great blonde hair must run in this Australian family, considering her older brother is singer Cody Simpson. But Alli isn’t living in anyone’s shadow.

Successful careers like Alli’s don’t start overnight. She credits her brother for helping her along the way, “My brother and I are each others biggest fans, and each others biggest supporters. At the end of the day I am extremely grateful for the doors my brother helped me open and it’s up to me to grasp and walk through them.” Alli did not merely walk through this metaphorical door, she made a grand entrance. Beginning with a career on YouTube, Alli instantly began developing a following due to her sparkly personality and relatable video topics such as workout tips, makeup tutorials and questionnaires with her best friend. She then turned to music, making a song called “That’s Why I’m Single,” and what’s more relatable than that?

Throughout her YouTube journey, she’s made some great friends and connections, particularly with the awesome people behind AwesomenessTV, who also noticed her videos and have included her in many of their videos, “they’re such a great family,” she says. Alli got a knock on the door one day from Mickey Mouse and the Alli Simpson show on Radio Disney was born. “The Alli Simpson Show is my own radio show on Radio Disney. I get to play cool music, interview my friends, talk on the phone with my fans, give advice, and talk about fashion, boys and much more.” The show takes place every Friday night for two hours, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Among all these different career endeavors, fashion has been very important to Alli. She cites her mother as one of her biggest fashion inspirations saying, “She has taught me fashion since I was young. She helped me dress in what suits me, and my body shape, and how to dress comfortably.” However, this fashion guru will even admit to her own fashion mishaps, “When I was 13 I would always have to match my shoes to my shirt. They just had to be the same exact color. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Alli started her blog www.allisimpson.com because she wanted to share everything that she loved. “I love sharing my thoughts and expressing my opinion on things, especially when it comes to fashion, love, friends, family and boys.” With posts like “Need a Valentine Day Gift,” “Hottie of the Week,” and “Don’t be Afraid of Change,” Alli Simpson writes to her fans and readers as if she was their best friend.

Her innate love of giving advice and talking about personal issues comes from her tender heart. She’s deeply affected by her body image, and she is not afraid to talk about it saying, “I know most of us teenagers struggle with this, and I definitely do. I’m normal and have to work on my physical appearance every day . . . Us girls need to remember no one is perfect and we can’t forget to love ourselves and who we are on the inside, while you are trying to feel better on the outside.”

Because Alli is in the public eye and has a large online following, she is often subjected to cyber bullying. Handling it like a pro, she explains, “I’ve learned to ignore it over time. I’ve come to terms with it and figured that if I’m happy that’s all that matters.”

Spreading happiness and positivity is the main message of this blonde bundle of joy. If she could gather all her fans together she stresses that she’d tell each and every one of them to be themselves “always, always always.”

Fun Facts About Alli

Makeup essentials she can’t live without: nude/baby pink lipstick, bronzer, french mani

She prefers the Gold Coast to the West Coast

She prefers Instagram to Twitter

Frozen yogurt is essential to her diet

She’s a Night Owl

She prefers lipstick to lip gloss

She Prefers vlogging to blogging

Her favorite random snack is raspberries with almonds inside

By Caelan Hughes


One piece: For Love & Lemons // Kimono: For Love & Lemons // Cuffs: Push & co // Rings: Push & co and Moonspell Rising // Hat: Urban Outfitters

ue2a9943ue2a0220Dress: MNG by MANGO // Shoes: Ruthie Davis // Rings: Push & co and Moonspell Rising // Cuffs:Urban Outfitters LA

ue2a0189ue2a0112Top: Kimchi Blue (Urban Outfitters LA) // Jeans: UNIF // Shoes: Koolaburra // Sunglasses: Wildfox // Necklace:Urban Outfitters LA // Rings: Push & co and Moonspell Rising

ue2a9865ue2a0384Romper: MinkPink // Jewelry: Urban Outfitters // Hat: Urban Outfitters LA // Shawl: Mango // Rings: Push & co and Moonspell Rising // Cuff: Push&co



Photography by Naomi Christie

Wardrobe: Wildford Lenov

Makeup: Campbell Ritchie

Hair: Marissa Marina

Assistant: Adrianna Suchor