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Luna Soul: Garments Powered by Nature’s Artistry

Paige Nichetté sees the sun and moon as cosmic elements that unify all living beings. Central to our existence no matter where we are on the planet, their energies draw and connect us to one another.Transcending its brilliance, nature serves as an awe-inspiring muse for creative works such as fashion, art and design.

However, nature must not only be used to extract inspiration, but should also be respected and defended. Nichetté believes that fashion should not come at the price of destroying the planet. With this belief in mind, she founded LUNASOUL, a clothing brand that is committed to and built upon genuine transparency and environmental sustainability.

Nichetté was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and went on to study fashion at Parsons School of Design in New York City. The summer after graduating, she saw an opportunity to combine her degree with her passion for dying and designing clothes.

“Inspired by timelessness and travel, the airy pieces in LUNASOUL’s collections reflect the sentiment that inspiration can be found anywhere in the world, seeped in different cultures, landscapes, and experiences.” 

LUNASOUL began on a small scale in 2014, selling original products at local craft events in the Atlanta area. Since then, it has evolved into a luxury resort brand, but is still hand-dyed by Nichetté who makes it her priority to be conscientious when it comes to the attention to detail and environmental impact of each piece.

“I think it is important to be transparent as a company,” Nichetté explains. “Quality fabric sourcing, slow production, and sustainability are what make us a slow fashion brand. When sourcing fabric, sustainable and organic alternatives come first and we do not produce any polyester or synthetic garments.” According to Nichetté, fast fashion and the idea of consumers purchasing the latest, but fleeting trends is not worth the negative hit that the environment takes.  “With LUNASOUL, one can wear a timeless silhouette produced from materials that will have long-lasting wear without damaging the environment.”

In alignment with their deliberate push for quality in their clothing, LUNASOUL’s very name has a thoughtful backstory.

“Luna is moon in Spanish and sol is sun. I did a play on words, sol to soul, to merge the two to symbolize nature and each individual’s inner spirit. LUNASOUL as one word represents how we are one and need to take care of our planet.”

Although LUNASOUL has grown into a go-to brand for a variety of women from the environmentally conscious to the sophisticated jet setters, the design and business team is smaller than expected. “As the founder, I wear a lot of hats,” Nichetté explains. “The fashion and graphic designer, decision-maker, accountant, communicator, allocator, you name it!” The team currently consists of Nichetté and a few interns, producing their garments in New York and dying them in their Atlanta-based studio. Their timeless pieces can be found online, at special trunk shows and at pop-up events.

With the hopes of inspiring others through fashion, Nichetté has synthesized her passions into LUNASOUL for other women to enjoy and spread the message. “I feel very blessed to be able to create and share what I love! I’m grateful to have this opportunity and I hope that people feel empowered and know they have the ability to change the world.”

By Alexis Kaneshiro

Paige Nichetté, the face behind the brand, pictured in the first image below.


Photography by Kristine Lo