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An Insider’s View of Disney’s Olivia Holt

Disney star Olivia Holt, mostly known for her role as Lindy on the television show I Didn’t Do It, has been entertaining her fans since she was a young girl. “Growing up, I had this crazy love for films or plays and wardrobe or beauty,” Holt said.

Hailing from Mississippi, Holt had to give up the life she had always known for a chance at acting in Los Angeles. Although this change in scenery was difficult, Holt found it to be a positive experience. “Sacrificing your childhood is a lot, but this journey has taught me so much, so far. I have evolved as an actress and I’ve learned to chase my dreams and embrace everything it comes with,” said Holt.

While Holt is expanding her career as an actress, she is also taking advantage of her time on the set to learn more about production. She has been diligently paying attention to the behind-the-scenes functions of a television show, details such as lighting, camera operations, and gaining insight on directing. “I’m not only gradually growing as an actress but I’m learning new things in another fields as well,” Holt said.

She is also very interested in merging into the music scene and making a name for herself as an artist. “Music has been a part of my life since I was a little one and I wanna share my stories and my music with people,” said Holt. She hopes to build a music career and perhaps try some musical roles.

Being not only a female, but also a teen in a harsh industry, Holt has been faced with the usual challenges. She shared some words of advice to other actors trying to make it in the limelight. “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. Being in the entertainment industry you have to deal with a lot of rejection. Always believe in yourself and try your hardest to keep that beautiful face up,” she mentions. She aspires to continue pursuing her career in acting and working on other shows and exciting films.

By Taryn Marly