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Idols of the Tribe

How we choose to identify ourselves often categorizes us. In many first world cultures, especially in the U.S., we do not stay in the environment we were raised in. We often find ourselves alone, searching for an identity separate from our immediate family. Hairstyles, clothing, ideals, and the like, are all aspects of society that we willingly expose ourselves to in order to connect with similar people. No matter the race, religion, gender, or socioeconomic status, those people are part of your tribe. Idols of the Tribe is an exploration of identity. Though this is planned as an ongoing project, these images represent two black Americans and their search for “tribe.”




Editorial Credits 

Photography: Cooper Penn // IG:@cooperslight

Hair: Iman Atiba // IG:@honeidoostylist

Makeup: Ashley Gray // IG:@makeupbygray

Jewelry: Taimia Miller // IG:@lilmissleather


Julian Green of Ursula Wiedmann // Models IG:@grim108

Karen Rampersad of Factor Women // IG:@karenrachelr