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Hear My Home Speak

In the midst of engulfing yourself in total peace and relaxation, one can create a vivid well-balanced surrounding with the help of Soul Makes. A company started by two love birds – Mackenzie and Trevor, which has spun into a worldly- bohemian inspired colorful calmness, this Virginia business has blossomed world-wide. A vast array of 100% Agate crystal coasters and candle holders wait to adorn your home with their powerful, strengthening affiliate. Soft ethereal light, in bold earthly colors mimic sunsets and dreamy starry nights with the flick of a match. Placed on any table, these gems add an understated organic tone to any room. Each natural piece is unique in size and the vibrant color selections vary amongst the variety of choices of terracotta, reclaimed vintage marble and ceramic.IMG_3467-7Candle_Holders-5728-14As the sunsets and the cool beach breezes of the seasons that have come and gone dance around our feet, comfort can be found wrapped up in one of Soul Makes’ Vintage Kantha Quilts. Hand stitched of Sari fabric in deep luscious shades and patterns of their infamous bohemian bliss, these dream catching quilts will wrap you up in luxury and sweep you off into a dreamy daze. Inspired by all things vibrant, Wild West and gypsy at heart, this brand truly speaks to all of us in one product or another. Vintage Sari fabrics adorn the pillow cases that come in array of designs with pops of color and tastefully busy patterns like, “Gypsy Green” and “Painted Paisley.” Decorate any and every room in your home with a Crystal Seletine Candle holder and bask in the soft, hypnotizing glow that illuminates the room with peace and positivity. Soul Makes creates items that help awaken the soul, and they do it in the most functionally fascinating way.

IMG_3953-4Kantha_Bed-7A home is a place for comfort and relaxation. A calming, yet strengthening retreat at the end of our hectic hustle which we can recharge and regain our drive and motivation. Express yourself without saying a word when you decorate your home with Soul Makes. Sometimes they say things are better left unsaid, right? Or maybe Shakespeare had it all right when he said, “Hear my soul speak.”

Candle_Holders-5710-11To enjoy Soul Makes in your home, visit www.soulmakes.com and be sure to check out the blog while you’re there for inspiration, tips and DIY’s.

Candle_Holders-5702-8IMG_4031-1By: Amanda Hawes